How to Write Your First Blog Post On WordPress-NO 1 Pro Method in Free

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Hey, guys in this article, I will tell you how to write your first blog post on WordPress.

We thought, hesitated, and tormented and decided to start a blog … Want a life in which no one will tell you what to do, what to do, and will not ask you to vacuum the carpets right after work. This is what you want. What the soul wants.

And the body is ready to join and write without interruption. And the boss nags and ruins the mood every day … and even calls on weekends. Yes.

The truth is, blogging provides that kind of freedom and luxury. Under certain conditions, of course. But in this period it does not matter. Today a blank page of the first blog post is open. To get to a fantastic place where there are no bosses and boring relatives, you need to start right and make sure that you have chosen the right route.

Set up a blog and start writing posts. The first blog post lays the foundation and becomes the foundation for the future business.

Well, of course, blogging is a business. It doesn’t matter if you think about it or understand it later. Therefore, make the first blog post correctly, which will bring further success closer.

You are not striving to become one of the ghost blogs that gather dust on the Internet. Exaggerated and embellished. But there is some truth in this. 95% of new bloggers leave the Internet.

Why empty experiments and waste of time, if there is a chance to do it right right away. The first blog post does not have to be something that will shake the web, cause an earthquake in the Andes and flood those around with a sparkling fountain.

But you want the first readers to come back and come constantly after reading the first article.

Do you want to captivate enough to tell your friends, acquaintances, and relatives about the phenomenal blog that you found on the Internet?

About the blog that started today. Most people worry little about this starting day. After you have installed WordPress or registered on Blogger, what the prevailing part of bloggers need is to write, publish and make it clear to the world that there is a replenishment of bloggers in the regiment of bloggers. Sorry, this doesn’t work.

The harshest truth is that if you don’t interest the first visitors, you will lose forever. So what. The following will come.

Yes, they will. But the first ones have already been lost. Lost readers, commentators, sympathizers, and future customers. I don’t read blogs in Russian and I don’t know how things are going there. But I read hundreds of blogs on the English-speaking Internet, and guess what comes first.

Openness! There is not a single successful blog that is run anonymously or closed to comment. Political blogging is a rare exception, but that’s a different area. Openness and accessibility. They know the inside story of the blogger.

  • Name and surname
  • Biography
  • Purpose of blogging
  • The monthly income statement is published permanently.

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Introductory blog post.

It’s not important to start a blog. The main thing is to start your blog right. If the first blog post contains the elements that I mentioned in the article, then this is a promising start. Make sure readers know and understand that the author is an open-minded, honest blogger.

Help people understand that you didn’t start blogging to sell Herbalife or magic panties for weight loss. Let me know that you have come to help, not benefit. If you don’t, then no one will.

How to Write Your First Blog Post on WordPress

As a blogger just starting out, here are some things to mention in your first post. If you want to know How to write your first blog post on WordPress.

1. Who You Are?

We jumped into a world where no one knows what you are as a person and a writer. It’s an online world. Think about why someone would trust and bookmark a new blog in a browser.

If you want trust, then introduce yourself and give a chance to make an impression. People prefer to communicate on a level deeper than that of a taxi driver. Tell readers about the personality of the person whose texts will be read and use the advice.

  • What life experience lies on your shoulders.
  • This is the first blog or has gone through a series of other projects.
  • Who, as a person, as a professional, and as a blogger.

The more you tell about your life journey, the more readers will get used to the new author and begin to associate with something familiar.

The more trust and desire to know what you will tell and will tell in the blog will be. Don’t be invisible and use photographs and illustrations. Don’t turn into an unknown anonymous user at the keyboard. Having a photo will show openness, authenticity and build trust.

So, show your readers what you think is available and help them get an idea of ​​the personality. About whom they will read and where they will receive new knowledge. The more you show and tell, the more trust will develop.

2. Why Are You Blogging?

This moment deserves to be the first on the list, but so be it. The serious aspect of why you blog.

  • Boring and having fun.
  • Want to share knowledge
  • Do you dream to tell about life
  • Organize business and earnings

These are opposite goals, and the audience will be different for each occasion. People don’t know why they decided to start a blog, and there is no reason to trust the blogger. Remember the environment when trying to answer this question. Ask a question for yourself:

  • Why would people come to the blog
  • What will they look for
  • What is the benefit of this for the readers
  • What will you bring new to a million similar projects

Tell the audience why you came here. Why did you choose to blog and how did you come to the decision. It will be appreciated. And someone will want to contact and discuss questions or make a proposal. Take advantage of the changes that arise.

3. What are You Going to Blog About?

This resembles the second question and once answered, then easily clarifies this phase. Tell your readers what to expect in the blog you’ve created and are about to develop.

Tell us what changes they will see when they return. It is helpful to tell you how often you will update your content and introduce new publications. Indicate the day, hour, minute. If you have a content calendar and do not plan a letter, as God puts it on your soul.

Your introductory blog post should clearly state what topics you intend to cover in future posts. What should readers expect from you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

You can cover this question in a few short sentences. You can even break it down into bullets so your readers can quickly scan through the list. It is important to justify expectations and then justify them. For instance:

  • Will the majority of your blog posts contain actionable content?
  • Are you going to share video and audio content as well as text?
  • Can you suggest a carefully curated list of content from other blogs and websites on a specific day of the week?

Do not torture yourself and do not create another blog where you will globally describe world problems.

We started with a cat who stole a fish from the refrigerator and ended with LSI keywords. This is a past stage and there are millions of such blogs. This kind of blogging is dying.

  • It won’t work because of the diversity of the audience.
  • It has no prospect, because of the search algorithms.

Choose a clear blog niche and provide a clear creative topic. Show your expertise in the topic and gain credibility in a narrow niche. People respect narrow specialization more than talkers about impersonal and non-specific things.

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4. For Whom Are You Writing?

In the first post, don’t forget to talk about your target audience.

  • For whom will you write posts.
  • What kind of people are they (ambitious, frugal, busy or lazy, etc.)

The point of this is to show how the readers feel, know about them, and sympathize with the problems. People want to feel like the guests they are waiting for.

They want to know that they will gain an understanding of issues and topics that interest users. Think over an emotional story about why you chose this topic for your blog and let the audience know that they understand and understand the material.

5. How Will Readers be Engaged?

How to Write Your First Blog Post On WordPress

Let your readers know how they will contribute to the development of the blog.

  • Encourage comments.
  • Welcome guest posts
  • How users will email if they have suggestions or complaints

Some visitors will not agree with the opinion that you express (yes, this is a piece of business) and if there is no availability to express criticism, then what’s the point in trusting the blog author.

Give feedback. Here is the truth accumulated over the years and decades. Both business and politicians encourage testimonials about work.

  • Paid Surveys
  • Ratings
  • Press publications

This indicates the direction of travel and gives a chance to correct course. After all, these people are not fools. Think of criticism and reviews as a free gift and you will understand that it is not scary. If you prefer to contact me at the exact time, then indicate the date and be in touch during this period.

6. Purpose of Blogging?

Even kids know … It is clear that the right tactic is to share the purpose of blogging in the very first post.

  • What do you want to achieve with your blog?
  • As you can see the blog is in 3 – 6 – 12 months.

If you share your goals with your readers, they will understand that they are available and value openness. The chance that someone will want to help achieve the goal will increase proportionally.

7. Call to Action

You finish your first blog post and visitors finish reading it. What’s next? You don’t want the first visitors who patiently read this far to just turn around and leave? Point the way and ask for interaction. For the call to action at the end of the message, you can choose one of the following:

  • Ask to leave a comment
  • Ask to subscribe to your mailing list (and an explanation on how to do this)
  • Direct readers to your About Us page
  • Direct readers to another relevant page, such as “Start Here” or “Work With Me.”
  • Direct readers to the next blog post (you can always come back to that post and link to your next post when you publish it).

You can also ask them to follow you on social media, although it’s usually best to direct them elsewhere on your site rather than sending them from there.

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Why not pull your hair out because of the quality of your first blog post. [Read]

Your first blog post is your calling card. The first post should talk about you and show your writing style. Submit the goods by a person. An interesting article encourages the expectation of continuation. But, there are reasons why you do not need to think for a long time about how to submit your “I” in the first minutes.

Those who start a blog for the first time, and even more so those who post a large piece of content on the Internet for the first time, may subconsciously wish to delay the moment of truth as far as possible. Inexperience, shyness, insecurity. There are many reasons for this. All in all, the psychological fear of mistakes. If something like this happens to you, then just calm down.

The first post should be good, but the point is, you won’t get traffic right after starting your blog. The publication will be read by a minimum number of prying eyes. As you post articles, your first one will leave the home page until it drowns in dusty pantries. People do not rummage in archives, with one thought, to find the first post of the blog owner.

You write articles and your skill in this matter will be improved. Whatever post you write, now, in a year, you will be ashamed of it. People learn – people grow. Everything will change! Up to the structure of your texts. After two years, or earlier, you will want to simply delete this unfortunate first post, so that no one knows about it, in this world. What is all this for?

You don’t have to write a “great” first post. If you are not a professional writer, this is simply not necessary. The first post should be “normal”, “good”, “at the level.” No more.


A blog post is often the first thing people see when they visit a blog and it has the potential to set the tone for the article or blog as a whole.

It’s important to know that not every blog post has to be as long as this one, but this article helped us get started on writing a blog post. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

I hope you understand How to Write Your First Blog Post On WordPress.

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