What Blog Makes the Most Money? – Best 10 Blogs Make Thousands Of Dollars

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Hey, guys here we will discuss what blog makes the most money? Actually, beginners don’t know this query. So we will discuss more detail here.

Blogs are one of the most famous ways to make money online. However, they can also be a great way to market your product, connect with your customers and build brand awareness.

What Makes The Most Money? The categories listed above are what everyone thinks makes the most money, but there are other ways to think about it: Top Blogs Make The Most MoneyTop Blogs Make The Most Money

(1) blog that is highly rated in all key areas. You may have heard of this before as a top-tier blog.

(2) blog that is highly rated in all key areas but has a ton of traffic from search engines.

(3) blog that no one really cares about, but which has a lot of traffic from search engines.

(4) blog that people think is made for them and is something they can’t live without.

These are the blogs that get lots of traffic from search engines and usually have quite high ratings/comments but not much else going on. We’d say that at least 3 out of 4 would be suitable for making some money – maybe if you’re lucky you could get more than 3! How To Find The Top 5 Blogs That Make The Most Money(1) Google the topic “top 5 blogs make the most money” and look at the results: If it’s not already there, you can enter it yourself by searching on amazon or google.

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What Blog Makes the Most Money

In a nutshell, the answer is: it depends. If you are looking for a straightforward “guaranteed to make money” business model, then traditional blogging platforms like WordPress or Joomla with their content-driven (i.e., advertising) models may be your best bet.

But if you are looking for something that can support long-term growth and venture capital funding, then more specific and less general business blogs may be your best bet. Most successful blog sites have a balance of both:

they have an established competitive advantage (that allows them to make money without the need to advertise) and they have established market penetration too (that allows them to grow without going through an advertising cycle).

Here is the list of blogs to make the most money:

  • Finance Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Marketing Blog
  • Health and Fitness Blog
  • Mom Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Lifestyle Blog
  • DIY Blog
  • Pet Blog

Finance Blog

You’ll earn a commission if a reader clicks on your link and purchases something. Personal finance affiliate commissions are particularly lucrative (sometimes hundreds of dollars per sale), which is why the personal finance niche can be quite rewarding for bloggers.  All you have to do is promote some product on your site and share only promoting the link.

My favorite method of earning income is by way of affiliate marketing.  Once you can set up a professional blog, it will be easier to provide quality service and get customers who want that service. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways for bloggers to make income.  To start, you need to sign up with a reputable affiliate network like ClickBank or Commission Junction.

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Fashion Blog

Fashion bloggers may make a fortune simply by sharing affiliate links on their site, through social media, or via email by suggesting things they use (and love). They get a commission every time one of their readers buys the product (even if it’s days or weeks later). If a guest blogger is discussing a product, they may receive affiliate commission each time someone buys that product. If they recommend anything they link to, they’ll make money.

Blogging could become your full-time income once you hit the break-even point (that is, once your expenses are covered by the money you make from blogging), but it’s not so easy to earn a living from fashion blogging alone.

Travel Blog

Travel bloggers earn several ways for example Google Adsense affiliate marketing and a lot of things that you can start to do to earn money or just monetize your blog.

For example, if you want to get started with affiliate marketing I would recommend joining Shop at Home for affiliates which is great because they will give you up to a $500 referral bonus when someone buys an item through your link. You can also get started with other affiliate marketing programs like Amazon, Ebates, and more.

If this interested you then check out these two posts on Travel Blog Earning Ways:

Marketing Blog

Make money by promoting your business…
Publish an e-book…. Provide content that is only available to members.
Take a look at Affiliate Marketing…
Accept Donations…. Volunteer Your Time….
Sponsored Content should be published….
Make yourself visible.
Get a job that pays.
Volunteer at the Library or Foster Care home.
Start your own blog.
Get paid to blog…. with ads…..
Start your OWN business… part-time… full-time. Make money from others by providing content that is only available to members.  Make money by giving shout-outs, or promoting a product or service…  To find out about this type of marketing click on the link below for details:  ContentWritersMentoring.

Health and Fitness Blog

You can earn money using sponsorship, affiliate marketing to sell your product and you can also monetize your blog through Google AdSense and other ads network

How to Choose a Right Niche

By now, you have probably guessed that niche is a good topic to cover. The correct answer is that all types of blogs are businesses but they are very different in terms of profit potential (see below).In the following paragraphs, I will try to give some insight into what makes for a successful blog and will explore the question of how much money can you expect from your blog.

The first thing to do is ask yourself what kind of blogs you want to make money from. The answer, it turns out, is that every type of blog has its own specific niche. A blog about the Super Bowl for example may be different from a blog about finance or about healthcare or self-improvement.

The reason for this is simple: there are only so many things to write about in each field compared with other fields. In other words, there are much more topics to cover in one subject than there are people who fit in precisely that particular subject (as opposed to say, medicine).

Hence, every topic has its own audience niche which can be described as follows: What type of topics do people like to read? What type of topics do people like? Professional Blogs vs Consumer BlogsConsumer Blogs:

They contain news or stories on current events and popular culture (e.g., sports) which appeal primarily to those who enjoy reading and watching current events and popular culture. Examples include Huffington Post (sports), TechCrunch (technology), Mashable (technology), and TecDigger (technology).

These blogs tend not to have as high budgets as professional blogs because their audience is not spread out over a large audience base with many readers but rather concentrated among just a few readers/viewers who make up most of the followers/readers on their blogs.

Examples include TechCrunch, Mashable, BGR, PandoDaily, Techcrunch, Forbes. These bloggers tend not to have as high budgets because their audience consists mainly of people who make up less than 5% or 10% of their followers/readers on their blogs.

However, they typically have enough financial backing from advertisers so that they can attract enough revenue from readership without having too little revenue generate investment in maintaining the site itself. Professional Blogs:

They contain news or stories on current events and popular culture (e.g., sports) which appeal primarily to those who spend time reading these stories rather than watching them live. Examples include NBC Sports, BleacherReport.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name

What Blog Makes the Most Money

If you have a blog that people can’t find through Google or Bing (perhaps a personal blog about your job, hobby, or family), then you are probably looking at a bad domain name (i.e., one that has a small addressable market).

But if you want to get the best bang for your buck, what domain name to use depends on the niche(s) in which you are operating. If you’re doing an online business (including selling products online), there are typically two main types of domains: general-purpose and niche.

A general-purpose domain is simply any word that does not fall into any other category, such as .com, .net, and .org.A niche-specific domain is specifically for a specific type of thing. For example, if you sell real estate and have an active site with an active audience on Facebook (or FB), then choosing a .com domain would be the wrong choice; instead, chose something like Real Estate Deals or Real Estate Sale Blogs [both of which have Facebook pages].

In this example, it would be worth paying ~ USD 10 per year to acquire one of these domains rather than pay USD 50 per year for the generic .com [which is how most people will bid against you]. This article offers some general tips for choosing the right domain names.

How to Design Blog

A blog is a source of information that is intended to be read, and ideally, the reader will take some action in response to the information.

This is all well and good. But some things make a blog different from other sites of similar stature:

1.  The size of the audience who are likely to come across your blog (how many people will actually read it)

2.  The way you choose to design it (the content, color scheme, layout)

3.  The way you attract traffic (the type of channels/signals that your visitors use when they come across your site)

To answer these questions in detail would require an article on its own; suffice it to say that each one impacts how much money a blog makes and how well it does so.

In this post, I’ll just briefly outline what makes blogs different from other sites, give some examples of successful blogs and then discuss the choices you make when designing yours.

How to Write Blog Posts

Blogging is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is one of the few areas of internet marketing where you can make money without investing in a website.

Since its inception in 2002, blogging has grown to become the fastest-growing online marketing channel.

Blogging is an easy way to make money with minimal investment (unless you are lucky enough to be a blogger).

If you have decided that blogging is something you really like and would like to do regularly, then it would make sense to find out how much money your blog generates for you.

You can find this out by calculating your blog’s revenue or simply by paying for it. To calculate your blog’s revenue, you should understand what type of revenue your blog generates for you:

There are three main types of revenue sources for blogging: advertising, audience development (i.e., sending traffic to your website), and referral traffic from other blogs/websites/blogs related sites so that they will come back again and again to read your posts.

Let’s look at each one in turn: Advertising revenue – This category includes banner ads on search engine results pages such as Google, as well as banner ads on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter (these will typically be shown when users visit certain links).

It also includes automated ad placements on various websites including blogs, social media sites, and even news sites. The money generated from advertisements varies depending on many factors including site popularity; demographic; quality of the content (user-generated vs paid)

location (if they are displayed within the same region), etc., and the level of competition within the area where they are placed.

This can range anywhere between $0 – $50 per month depending on how popular the site is among specific demographics or regions; or between $1 – $10 per month for most sites that aren’t well-known amongst specific demographics.

The reason why these rates vary so much depends on many factors including how popular the site is among specific demographics or regions; or how successful it is amongst readers.  

Most bloggers will not be around long enough to see any serious increase in revenues from advertising but there are some exceptions.

“A lot of my peak sales were associated with sponsored posts or guest posts”. Bloggers, who know about SEO know exactly what I am talking about here, right? If a blogger has found success with her own site, she may decide not to start up an ad campaign because she thinks.

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How to Get Traffic on Blog

Should you make a blog? In this post, we discuss the basics of what a blog is and how it can help you increase your brand awareness, create more leads and sales, and drive traffic to your website.

Some blogs are great for pushing out content to a specific audience (like a marketing blog or social media marketing blog) whereas others like personal development blogs or health blogs can be used for sharing general information with the world.

Both types of blogs can generate traffic, but there are similarities and differences between them. A marketing blog is an informational site that helps you grow your business.

It’s an intense source of traffic (it usually has lots of content from which to draw) that’s put together to increase your brand awareness.

A personal development blog is meant for sharing general information with the world. It’s not as intense as a marketing site but it’s still very powerful once people start reading it and getting ideas from it.

One thing that is often overlooked on personal development blogs is the amount of content they have available to read when they get visitors/readers in their inboxes or comments sections.

If you only want to share general information then this isn’t something you should worry about too much, but if you want people to start reading more about what you do then this might be one area where you should start adding more content (even if it isn’t relevant at first).

Some training-related blogs can actually have some pretty high reader numbers, though they tend only to reach 10% of them (1 in 3).

Others like personal/social media marketing blogs reach even higher percentages — in fact, one study showed that on average just 1% of all visitors will end up becoming regular readers though many others will end up hitting 10%.

There are many reasons why this might be true: Many training-related sites have already been around for years so their views may be quite high; their pages may not be particularly new, or their content may not appeal directly to people who are looking for training options (so they may not be viewed as training bloggers yet).

If I were designing a training-based blogging platform, I would design it so that most readers would also become regular readers quickly because having higher reader numbers would mean more exposure and more chances of positive word-of-mouth promotion (and higher conversion rates) on both sides! But if I were designing such a platform today, I think I would include it.

If you want to more about blog traffic so click here.

How to Make Money with Blogging

The most common ways to make money with a blog are as follows:

1. Sell advertising space

2. Sell space on your own blogs

3. Offer affiliate programs with sites you write about

4. Offer specialized services through your blog (e.g., consulting, product reviews, etc.)

5. Offer paid support of your own, or the support of other bloggers through affiliate programs (e.g., you give a discount to people who buy something on your site)


As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to make money online. The question is: Which one might work for you?

Which one will generate the most money? How much of your budget is allocated to the marketing side? How much is allocated to content creation?

How much is spent on advertising and promotion? What type of blogs makes the most money (finance, product/market fit, etc)?

What type of blogs are most successful (self-help related*)? Is there any type of blog that doesn’t make money (personal development, health/fitness) that you would consider making a career out of?*As far as I know, personal development blogs do not make much money.

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