How to Start a Blog on For Beginners – 3 Amazing Simple Steps

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Hey, guys here we discuss how to start a blog on for beginners. Blogger is the beginner’s platform here beginners bloggers understand how to create a blog on blogger step by step.

Blogging is all basic you can learn on blogger just follow the steps if you are beginner and you have no knowledge about blogging so you come right place.

Is Blogger good for beginners?

Yes, blogger is good for beginners because beginners bloggers have no knowledge about blogging here beginners bloggers understand blogging what is blogging? how to write an SEO-friendly article on blogger.

A lot of queries about blogging beginners learn from If you want to learn to blog so I recommend you use

If you go directly to a WordPress site WordPress is a paid platform so you are failing in blogging. Because WordPress blog need hosting and domain and need an only domain.

How do you write a beginner blog? So we write a lot of articles about how to write a blog so you click here and find how to write beginners blog.

Follow given below steps to start a blog on

How to Start a Blog on For Beginners

  • Create a Gmail
  • Visit
  • Just Login

Create a Gmail

Create a Gmail account if you don’t how to create a Gmail so search on google create Gmail open the first result enter name last name username and enter password confirm password.

Click the next button to enter your number now your Gmail account was successfully created.


Visit and sign your Gmail account to blogger. Now your blogger account is created.

Just Login

Follow steps:

  • Login account type your name click next.
  • Type your blog name click next.
  • Type your site address click the save button.

Congratulation Now your blog has successfully been created.

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How to use Blogger

I know many people ask how to use blogger so we will blogger is the simple platform every newbie easily understand.

But we will tell you how to use so first you need to know how many options are on the blogger home page has 10 options.

  1. Post
  2. Stats
  4. Earnings
  5. Pages
  6. Layout
  7. Themes
  8. Setting
  9. Reading List
  10. View Blog

The Upper given option available on blogger simply uses post means you can post article in post option. Stats mean state option shows your blog stats.

Comments mean show comments all are simple according to their name.

Best Blogger Templates

We recommend you how news plus a template for your blogger because it’s easy to use and mobile-friendly.

  • Adsense Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • SEO Optimize
  • Look Professional
  • Look Attractive

This template is best for your blogger website so we recommend you click here to visit and install this template for you.

Video Tips and Tricks

How to Start a Blog on For Beginners

Here and now I will provide you with no more and no less than 11 tips and tricks that will help you:

  • to create a professional design for your blog
  • increase your blog traffic / get more readers for your articles
  • to highlight the most appreciated articles on your blog
  • to retain your readers

Sounds good?  Let’s go!

Once you’ve bought your domain name and installed a WordPress theme, it’s time to take a look at your blog design. Choose to put on the right or left column, depending on the format of your WordPress theme, your most popular posts.

Why would you do this? Because people who come to your site for the first time will be able to read your best articles first, the articles that garnered the most comments and were most often distributed on social media channels.

Thus, there is a better chance that new visitors will form a good opinion about your site and as a result return to it to read other articles you write.

2. Create a special page for first-time visitors to your site

Name this page: Are you new here? Or are you new? Start here.

This way you can take your new visitors by the hand and tell them about yourself and what information they will find on your site and only then give them the titles of some posts that I can read on your blog, usually the most popular.

Talk to your reader on this page, so that he feels that you are only addressing him.

At the same time, by tutoring him, it will be easier for him to consider you his friend.

So, leave the expressions like “you” at home, remove all forms of politeness and speak to them simply, without specialized terms, with a little humor, in a detached style – just like you would with a friend.

This is the recipe that I apply here on my blog and on my clients’ blogs and it is received with a smile on my face every time and helps me quickly turn simple site visitors into friends.

3. Tell readers who you are and what you do

Create a page on your blog called: about me or who I am.

Besides a short presentation about who you are and what you do, try to write in detail what you can do for your reader, to help him, because each of us is more concerned with what problems we have and less what problems others have.

And when we have a problem or a question we can go on the internet to find an answer.

If you offer your reader, in the content you write on your blog or through the products you promote, the solution to his problem, there is a good chance that he will become your loyal reader.

4. Put a representative picture with you

People want to know what the person they interact with on the internet looks like.

If you are a person for whom family is very important, you can put in the picture from your blog and your half and possibly your children.

Thus, the family members who enter your site for the first time will identify with you, they will feel that they have something in common with you.

Here is another example: if you are passionate about hiking, you can put a picture with you in the mountains.

Thus, those who share this passion with you as soon as they enter your blog and see this picture will immediately feel that they have something in common with you, and this may be the common topic you are looking for to get started. communicating with your readers.

5. Put testimonials on your blog

Testimonials are great and will have an impact on the people who read them.

Why? Because everyone praises their work or business, but when the praise comes from another person, they increase your credibility.

If you manage to get some testimonials from people you know in the field of activity you write about on the blog, those testimonials will be worth as many as dozens of testimonials received from strangers.

Since testimonials are used very successfully on pages that sell something, it makes sense that you should place them on the page next to the subscription form.

Thus, people who visit your blog see the good things that others say about you and so they realize that they did not find a blog and if they are interested in the information they find here, they will most certainly fill out the form. subscription with their data.

6. Choose to show statistics on your site

This includes the number of subscribers, the number of comments on articles, the daily number of visitors, and so on.

If the numbers we are talking about are large, new visitors to the site will be inclined to place more trust in your site. For example, if you have a lot of subscribers when a new visitor arrives on your site, he will tend to sign up too, because he thinks that your site is really useful and that’s why they subscribed. so many people before him.

If, on the other hand, you have a lot of comments on a particular article, your visitor will become curious and will want to see the content that generated so many comments. And according to the principle of the flock, which says that: if most of the people you know have done something, there is a high probability that you will do the same, there is a good chance that the new visitor will get involved in the discussion and leave a comment.

There is a downside to this method of attracting new subscribers and comments to your site: if your blog is new and you do not have many subscribers or comments on articles and only 5-10 people read your blog every day, it would be good to do not show this data because it will work to your detriment.

As a result, new visitors will see these small numbers, and their first impression will be dominated by distrust and doubt, which is why they will leave the site sooner and be less willing to leave comments on articles or subscribe.

Only those new visitors who find time to read the articles on your site and study it in more detail will subscribe and start interacting with you, leaving comments.

So, the numbers, if they are big, will fall back in your favor, so display them with confidence, and if they are small, it would be better not to display them because they are a disadvantage for you, at this moment.

7. Copy and perfect

See what’s going on in other blogs in your niche and apply those strategies to your blog.

As your blog grows, you’ll see that you reach a level where you don’t need to look at other sites like yours to see what’s going on with them so you can apply.

At that level, you already have your own statistics and you can set your next actions, depending on the results you have previously obtained.

8. Repeat the actions that bring you results

Thoroughly check your site statistics and continue to do what you see as having results.

Many bloggers, in the desire to increase the fame of their blog, try to be active on as many sites, forums, and other blogs in their area of ​​activity. However, this is not always the best option because it requires effort and time on your part.

Try to focus on establishing stronger collaborative relationships with some of those who are interested and write about the same thing as you so you will be much more successful.

If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself.

The sites that have sent you the most visitors are the sites that you need to keep your attention on because the effort you put in has paid off.

Don’t forget about social networking sites. They bring good traffic to sites in general, so if you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, or other social networking sites and you find that some of your visitors come from these sites- This is good proof that you need to stay active on those sites.

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9. The speed with which the blog loads

This is another important indicator that should not be overlooked. Here’s why: One of the factors that Google takes into account when ranking sites when searching for a specific keyword is the speed at which the site loads.

As a result, the faster the content on your site loads, the better your site will be seen by search engines and will be more likely to appear in the top positions on keyword searches after which you want to reach the top.

Second, put yourself in your visitor’s shoes. If you access a site that loads very hard, at some point you lose patience and get out of it. In conclusion, if your site loads hard, your visitors will spend less time on the site and the search engines will see this deficit of your site as a weak point.

10. Use pictures and graphic elements in the design of the subscription form

Not everyone is drawn to the text, so it will scroll the page and stop where it encounters other types of content, such as pictures or videos. By putting graphic elements in the subscription form, you will also attract the attention of this category of people.

For example, if you offer a virtual book to people who subscribe to your newsletter, put a picture with the cover of that book and you will attract more subscribers.

A category of people who behave in this way is new visitors. They enter the site and try to guess from the information provided on the site, to see if it is or is not what they need. They scroll down the page quickly, and the graphics can capture their attention.


Thus, even if you have visitors who subscribe just to receive the bonus, download it in pdf format on their computer and then unsubscribe immediately, you will still win.

Why do I say that? Because when the person starts reading the material you provided, they will see links to your site from time to time for more details and if they are really interested in the topic, they will click on them and will get back to your site.

I hope you understand how to start a blog on for beginners.

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