Importance Of Blogging In Digital Marketing No 1 Way (Full Guide)

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Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about the importance of blogging in digital marketing.

Importance Of Blogging In Digital Marketing

Are you wondering about the usefulness of having a business blog? Knowing that you have undoubtedly already spent a lot on marketing actions, of which you do not even know if they have really had an impact on your sales.

Bill Lee in his famous marketing is dead answered this question, especially the second part. He explained in his article published in the Harvard Business Review, how business leaders admitted in the study carried out by The fournaise marketing group, their dismay at the inability of their marketing managers to clearly prove a return on investment of their marketing expenses.

The problem lies in the value of your marketing offer. If you continue to use the old classic methods, based solely on advertising campaigns, know that your offer at that time no longer has any value in the eyes of your customers, who prefer to turn to companies that offer them an offer less intrusive, less sales-oriented and low in added value.

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Your customers want to be informed, helped, and also want to be entertained.

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The corporate blog has already proven itself

On the other hand, companies like Hubspot give us compelling research results on the impact blogging can have on business results, and here are some of them:

  • 434% more indexed pages.
  • Companies with a blog receive 55% more visitors to their websites than their competitors without a blog.
  • Companies that have a blog receive 97% more links to their website.
  • 86% of consumers rely on advice found on a blog to make their purchasing decision.
  • Marketers who invest time in their blogs are 13 times more likely to have a positive Return on Investment (ROI)

Reading these figures provides at least one thing: blog companies have understood the impact of content on consumer buying behavior.

“In the United States, 86% of customers surveyed said they were influenced by information found on blogs at the time of their purchase”

ultimately, it is the customer who drives these companies to blog. The latter, no longer trusting advertising campaigns, prefers to rely on content found on the internet, particularly on social networks.

That being said, you have at least two good reasons to seriously consider integrating a blog into your digital marketing strategy. The first is that you have finally found an effective way to restore, or even build, a relationship of trust with your customers, and the second, which is no less interesting, is that you greatly reduce your costs, linked to traditional marketing. . 62 % according to Hubspot.

What is the blog effect?

Why is the blog so popular with consumers? Why do so many people report being influenced by a blog post when making a purchase? The blog informs and helps, it provides support to the consumer in his quest to solve his practical problems. Moreover, it entertains him, his playfulness keeps him away from the stress caused by this moment so repressed, by ordinary mortals: making the decision to buy.

And the effect on your business?

Offering content on your blog allows you to position yourself in your market, as an expert in your field. If the information you produce is of good quality, you become an authority. People will listen to you, seek out your advice, and then ultimately, they’ll turn to you when it’s time to make their purchase.

Do you still have questions?

I imagine that questions related to the practical side arise at you and it is entirely normal. Having trouble making time to write? Where to find inspiration? Are we able to stay the course by producing quality content all the time? Then, in the end, do we have the skills to do it?

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Faced with these questions, you have two choices:

  1. Establish a culture of blogging and training, involving a maximum of collaborators capable of taking turns to maintain the course of publications.
  2. Use a consulting agency and outsource the production of your articles. This last option has the advantage of sweeping away all the concerns mentioned above. You will then only have to follow up to be sure that the editorial strategy is well respected and that the subjects covered meet the expectations of the customers.


Here I explained to you how you can what importance of blogging in digital marketing. I hope you understand what I explain here if you like so kindly do comment.

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