How to Write Your First Blog Post Example- No 1 Way in Free

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Hey, guys in this article, I will, tell you how to write your first blog post example.

Everyone blogger wants their first blog post to be awesome but they don’t how to write your first blog post. So here I will guide you on how you can write blog posts.

How to Write Your First Blog Post Example

If you want to write an awesome first blog so completely read this article,

How to Write Your First Blog Post

This is a very important question and it’s something that has been on my mind for a while. I know I’ve written before about writing a blog post, but in this case, I want to reiterate the point.

There are three main reasons why you should write your first blog post:

Your first blog post should be about something that you know or have experience with
Your first blog post shouldn’t be full of fluff (particularly if it’s your first time)

Your first blog post should be a good set of well-reasoned arguments that support an idea/position/takeaway (even if it isn’t the most popular thing we have)

The most important part of writing a good first blog post is to make sure that you write one. Don’t just wing it. Make sure you think through all the things you will say in the article, and then make sure you do so in a way that makes sense.

If you don’t think through this process, then there is no point in writing the article at all. If after doing this process and writing some ideas down on paper, you still think it’s not worth writing something or wondering whether it’s too opinionated or not, then just delete your article from your computer and start again from scratch.

You might find other interesting things to write about or start with new material. But at least you now know how to write a first blog post!

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What is a Blog Post?

Blog posts are a way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. You can write about anything you want or even something you don’t even care about. Someone else might read it, or you can make it disappear forever.

There are a few things that should be considered before writing your blog post.

1) Make sure to include keywords, but be careful not to include too many of them, unless they are relevant to the topic (ex: “I am going on a diet” is not as interesting as “I have lost 15 pounds”).

2) Keep in mind that you will be publishing your blog post on a website so please make sure your tagline doesn’t conflict with the home page title.

3) Try to use proper grammar and spelling and avoid using slang words that won’t help your message (ex: “wonderful”).

4) Don’t write about things that you don’t care about (ex: “I have been busy”.)

Why is the First Blog Post Important? (Problem)

“The first blog post is the most important and hardest part of your career”.

This is a line from John Carmack’s famous blog post about his life as a programmer — in which he discovered that “the first blog post is the hardest part”, and that it would take him five years to complete. His point was that writing a first blog post is a very difficult task, and the first rule of writing your first blog post should be: “don’t skip it!”

The difficulty of the task of writing a first blog post could be explained by an analogy with the development process. Let’s say you are building a house.

The most important thing to do when starting a house is to lay out all the foundation — everything you will need in order to build it.

This can be done with paper, tape measure, or any other similar tool you have at hand. Once you have done this, you can start laying bricks (and eventually concrete).

Once they are laid, then things can start happening: we can build up walls and floors, put on roofing tiles, and so on.

We are basically filling in details and adding more elements to our house; however, there is one big thing we should always remember about our house: don’t forget about roofing tiles!

Similarly, once our product starts functioning (which will happen after you have built up all its key aspects), we need to create content for it.

It will almost certainly not make sense for us to start writing blogs straight after beta testing; instead, we should slowly introduce content as soon as possible so as not to lose momentum (or strangle) when creating more content later on.

How to Write an Awesome First Blog Post?

How to Write Your First Blog Post Example

If you want to write a first blog post for your company or startup, what should you do? First of all, you should think about it. Then we suggest some things to do.

We’ve posted a lot of posts on this topic lately and have gained quite a bit of insight on the subject. So we thought we would expand on our own opinion and provide you with an example (which is actually an A/B test).

First things first:

You need to write a great first blog post. This means that the content needs to be interesting enough (if not compelling) that people will read it, the writing style should be good enough (if not professional), and the tone should be professional enough (if not dry).

We believe that this is pretty much exactly what people expect from a first blog post. So for this A/B test, we’re going to take two different approaches here:

1) A person who has never visited our site before is given an option to read an article about why he might want to use our product, and then get redirected back to the home page.

2) A person who has visited our site before is given the option of reading two different articles about why he might want to use our product: one written by us and one written by someone else (either another startup or another person).

Here’s what happened with each group:

The people who have never visited our site before did NOT read an article about why they might want to use our product at all — NOTHING! This was surprising; even I expected them not to read it at all.

But there was something definitely missing here — something that would make them interested in using our product… Something clearly noticeable and understandable across both articles…

Something obvious but hard (to describe) and simple enough that they could immediately grasp it.
The people who have visited our site before reading both articles but chose the one written by us every time.

Simply because it was easier for them! And this is very common amongst average users; as we can see from statistics like Clicks-per-User, Clicks-per-visit, etc., traffic tends towards being more additive in nature than being multiplicative.

If you look at your statistics like this, you will see a clear trend towards more additive traffic over multiplicative traffic. And know that if your company is trying to drive multiplicative traffic — then your website needs two separate.

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Your first blog post is an opportunity to demonstrate what you have to say and give people a taste of what you do. It should be about something important for your audience, so it’s a good idea to start with something relatable: a topic that people are interested in.

When we start working with startups and new product development companies, the first thing they ask us is to help them write their first blog post.

Remember, this is the only way they can get your name out there. They need you to champion their work and tell everyone how awesome it is (but not too awesome).

For example, I did this copywriting service for one startup before launching my own business in 2016. And I gave them great advice on how to do this well:

Properly write your first blog post article. It should be short, crisp, and make sense:

1) Try to convey an emotion through the wording or action of the article

2) Make sure that your headline grabs people’s attention (remember: people are more likely to click through if they know what you’re talking about)

3) If you’re writing for the web, make sure that your copy looks good on any device!

I hope you understand how to write your first blog post example.

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