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Hey, guys in this article, I will tell you how to start blogging on google. Blogging is not a very difficult job but a beginner understands blogging is a very difficult job.

A lot of people do not understand how to get traffic to the new blogs and they do not get traffic so they understand blogging is so hard. blogging is the slowest way to make money online.

If you start blogging today so wait a minimum of 6 months because the blog takes some to rank on google for example if you meet a new person so don’t trust this person for the first time.

It takes time so google work similarly to google don’t trust new blog. Such as time spends for example 6 months to a year slowly google trusts your blog.

If you want to start blogging so must remember blogging required time. If you are doing blogging on blogger so it takes a lot of time as compared to WordPress.

WordPress is the best platform to start blogging but a lot of bloggers want to start blogging for free. So you can start blogging on blogger.

Can I do a blog on Google?

Yes, you can start blogging on a google platform called blogger. I recommend you if you are a beginner and you have zero knowledge about blogging so start blogging on blogger.

What is the advantage of the blogger platform? the advantage is this is a free platform from google you can start a blog on blogger just to purchase a domain name. Domain name price is 10 to 15 dollars everyone can afford this price for starting a blog.

You can easily create your blog on blogger just sign in to your Gmail account and your blog is successfully created. Blogger is the beginner platform everyone easily uses this platform.

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Does Google pay you for blogging?

Yes, google pay you for blogging but why does google pay you every beginner blogger question so here is the answer you are doing blogging and get google AdSense approval.

After you get google Adsense approval you get traffic and audience reach your blog site and your audience see ads in your blog and click the ads so you can earn money.

Why does Google Adsense pay you to forsee ads and click the ads Google is the biggest platform for google shows this ad on your site because many companies pay for show their company ads.

Why do many companies pay google ads because the company wants to promote their company they want a lot of people to reach their company or website so they run ads on google ads.

I hope you understand what blogging is and why google pays you.

How do Google Bloggers Make Money?

No 1 most popular way is google Adsense. Google AdSense is one the best way to make money from blogging because some visit your blog and that person see ads and click ads you will earn money.

But making money from blogging is not only a single way because making money from blogging is a lot of ways for example affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? a lot of bloggers make a lot of money from affiliate blogs. affiliate marketing is someone purchasing anything your link if anyone purchases anything through your link.

So you will earn a commission. Many companies have affiliate programs that want to promote their brand company so they choose this option.

To roll out affiliate program option because many bloggers prompt their company or brand so they commission some percent. How much percent commission pay you company or brand.

So this simple answer is many there a lot of companies or brands that give blogger commission some 3% some 10%, 50% and some give 60% commission or affiliate they depend on the company.

Making money from blogging is an art. If you are not aware of the art, then you will be lost and won’t be able to accomplish anything. Every blog has two ways to make money.

One is the traditional way, which is through Google Adsense. The other method is through affiliate marketing, which is your blog’s content.

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How To Start Blogging On Google in 10 Simple Steps

If you want to start blogging on google (mean blogging on blogger .com) just properly follow given below steps:

  1. First, find a niche I recommend you choose your interest niche to click here to find how to find a blogging niche and click here to find 30 blogging niche
  2. Do keyword research use kgr technique click here to find keyword research technique.
  3. Go to google and search blogger.
  4. Open the first result and sign in to blogger using Gmail.
  5. Now your blog is created successfully and upload also the theme for your blog look professional and attractive click here to install the theme for your blogger blog.
  6. Now create pages if you don’t know how to create pages so click here. Here I properly guide you on how to create pages.
  7. Just You need to customize your blog click here to find how to customize blogger templates.
  8. Do SEO for your blog if you know click here to find how to do SEO.
  9. Write a blog if you don’t know how to write a blog post so click here.
  10. Now apply for Google Adsense.

If you don’t know how to apply Google Adsense so follow given:

How To Apply Google Adsense In 7 Steps:

Follow given below steps:

  1. First, check your blog is ready for AdSense policy to click here to find the Adsense policy.
  2. Now go to adsense and create adsense account
  3. click add site and paste your site or blog URL
  4. after paste and click enter your blog URL
  5. Google Adsense give you code just copy code and go to your blog theme section.
  6. Click drop-down menu and and click edit html button
  7. Now find head tags and paste the after head section.

Now you successfully apply in Google AdSense for your blog.

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Adsense Requirements For Blogger

Adsense one of the best requirement is your content unique and valuable.

How To Create Pages In Blogger

Best Free Blogger Theme For Adsense

In this video I will show you the best free theme for Adsense.

How To Do Keyword Research For Blog

If you want to learn more so visit my youtube channel training for blogging.


In this post, I cover how to start blogging on google mean blogger. So here I tell you how to choose a niche? how to do keyword research? how to write an SEO-friendly article?

how to install the theme? how to customize the theme or template. here I cover all questions blogging-related for beginners.

If you’re an author looking for a place to showcase your talents and drive traffic back to your site, Google’s blogging platform is a great place to start.

Our previous articles on blogging have focused on getting your blog set up and writing your first post. In this post, I’m going to cover the next steps of growing your blog, specifically how to find a niche, do keyword research, write SEO-friendly articles, and more.

To get a good ROI, it is essential that you research your audience and the keywords they use. The more you know about them, the more they will know you care. You can do keyword research with tools like Google Keyword Planner. Don’t always try to be different, but try to be informative.

We hope you found this article useful and were able to start blogging on Google’s blogging platform. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at _. Thank you for reading!

I hope you understand how to start blogging on google.

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