How To Make Money As A Travel Blogger No 1 Way

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How to make money as a travel blogger. Hey, guys in this article, I will talk about how can I make money as a travel blogger.

The first rule of a travel blog: don’t tell anyone to write an article about how to make money on a travel blog!

At first glance, the idea of ​​working for yourself and making money on a blog looks very attractive – you travel around different countries, and spend a couple of hours a day writing an article on your blog. Shoot a video, or post a story on Instagram or Facebook.

As you can see in any of these social networks there are quite a few people with a huge audience. There are blog sites with millions of monthly traffic.

It is quite reasonable to assume that all these people earn good money on their blogs and at the same time constantly travel around the world.

In this article, we will dwell in more detail on a text travel blog site, although most of the points can also be attributed to other types of blogs – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I will talk about social networks in the next article.

In order to receive a normal income, you must have a large audience, and traffic in the case of a blog site.

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How can you get the right amount of visitors?

First, quality content! If you write garbage, then no one will read you.
The second is promotion. Even if you write very cool and interesting, but no one knows about you, there will be zero sense.
Third – read on!

To make money on a travel blog, you need to spend as much time as you spend on a full-time job.

Most likely, you will not be able to gain a large number of readers with articles written on the knee in 15 minutes. It usually takes a long time to prepare good material.

This includes not only the time spent on preparing the text itself. Everything needs to be taken into account – from collecting interesting information about the place you are writing about to SEO optimization and SMM.

People will be interested in reading you if you not only tell where you were, but also make it interesting, and give people some useful or interesting information about this place. Otherwise, no one will read you constantly.

In order to tell something useful, you need to find out about it yourself – read a couple of articles, watch a video, or talk to the locals. Who likes what. And, in general, it would be nice to visit there.

You need to think, but what exactly of everything that you already know is worth telling?

The text needs to be diluted with cool photos, and in order to take cool photos, you need to not only click the camera but also coordinate the frames with the text, and choose the right scenes and angles. Don’t forget about post-processing – cropping, brightness, saturation, finish/remove legs/arms//sunset/pigeons…

Your text should be literate, error-free, and easy to read. Reading text takes time.

When the text is ready, it needs to be placed on the site, which means checking the formatting, adding photos in the right places, etc.

According to the most optimistic calculations, one good article takes one full day of work, at least.

I do not take into account that you should already have your own website, but we are talking about a blog site in this article, at the time of publication of your super-article.

And here it begins – hosting, CMS (WordPress for example), database, domain, and a whole lot more. You can do all this yourself, find a ready-made solution, or order a. But in any case, it is time, effort, and money.

Let’s say you already have a website where you posted your article. But how do people know that this is the best article on how to rent a moped in Thailand? How do you get people to read your blog?

All sorts of marketing, SMM, SEO, and other obscure words come into play. If you have chosen the path of SEO optimization, then do not forget about filling in the metadata on the site (title, description, alt for photos), links to your other articles on this topic, and so on.

How To Make Money As A Travel Blogger

Bloggers are like dirt, every second shoots vlogs, and stories

You are not the only person who wants to lie under a palm tree and earn money from your travel blog. There are a lot of such smart people everywhere you look – bloggers are everywhere. Already there are fewer viewers than bloggers.

Fortunately, half give up this hopeless occupation during the first year. Half the rest won’t last another year. 80% of those who survived the first couple of years gain two and a half visitors a month.

You need to make people know about you and your blog.

If we divide all bloggers into ways to attract an audience, then there are three main types of travel bloggers :

SEO-ninja blogger – blog pages are optimized for search queries, almost all visitors come from search engines, but at the same time, very low audience engagement – few likes, comments, and all that…

An expert blogger for whom a blog is a portfolio – a blogger uses his blog as a portfolio and does not earn money directly from the blog. The blog attracts new clients to his professional activities, it works for guides, travel photographers, and videographers.

Influencer blogger – a blog that does not have many visitors, very few clicks from search engines, but has its own permanent audience. Such an audience has a high “involvement” in the life of the blog and the author. Under each article or post, there will be many comments and likes.

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Usually, in this case, the blog is combined with active work in social networks or is completely maintained there.
The same can be said about attracting an audience to your blog site. There are several ways to attract people to your site:

SEO (search engine optimization) – you optimize your text, website, and everything else so that google and Yandex show your website in the first positions in the search.

Accordingly, you need to write articles on topics that are most often searched for: how to choose a backpack, where to look for cheap flights, how to spend the winter in Bali, and other similar topics.

SMM (social media marketing) – you create a group on Facebook/contact/classmates, invite all your friends, acquaintances, and in general, everyone in a row.

You repost your article to the group and wait for people to see it in their feed and want to read it. Not everyone goes from Facebook to your site, because the very purpose of social networks is to keep people inside the network and not let them go to other resources.

They earn on it and do not want to give their income to you. Therefore, it may be more appropriate to keep your blog only on the social network. But that’s another story, about that will be the next article.

Personal branding (personal brand) is also an influencer blogger, which has already been discussed above.

You tell everyone what a cool traveler you are and have traveled the whole world, although you left your Zhmerinka twice to the neighboring region to the market.

Do not forget to make presentations at various events, conduct master classes and webinars, telling others about what you yourself have never done. Remember – who knows how he does, who does not know how he teaches! You can even write a book!

Where to begin? Participate actively in the online life of more famous bloggers – comment on their articles so that your name constantly flashes among readers, you look and someone will subscribe to you.

You can give interviews to journalists who do not understand anything about this topic, but you need to fill the air with something. Not a single event should take place without your participation, although no one cares.

It is best to use several of these approaches at once – just to be sure.

And now people are already reading your article about a conditional moped and Thailand.

How to make money on a travel blog?

There are several ways to “cut the loot” from the blog:

contextual advertising, for example, Google AdSense, YAN (Yandex advertising network), and others. You add a piece of javascript to your site and it loads and displays ads from Google or Yandex. For each click on an ad, you get a small amount

affiliate programs, for example, Airbnb, Skyscanner, booking, and a million more. You encourage your readers to buy air tickets using your link, “book accommodation in Sochi at a low price” by clicking here -> (!) For each booking, you get a percentage of the cost or a fixed amount

of direct sales of advertising on the site: banners, links, and advertising posts. In this case, you yourself are looking for people who want to place ads on your site, or they somehow find you by some miracle. And get money for advertising

the sale of goods, for example, your guide book, or tours to Thailand. It’s simple – you’re selling something physical, like a t-shirt with your logo, or not physical – a training course, access to a webinar, etc.

Another opportunity indirectly related to the blog itself is your live performances at various thematic meetings and festivals, for which you receive a fee.

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To learn how to make money on a travel blog – click the banner:

That’s how it works, now you know…

Each of the listed types of monetization of a blog site has its pros and cons, and in each case, it may work, or it may not. What worked for me won’t work for you and vice versa. The main rule is to try!

I hope you understand how to make money as a travel blogger.

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