How to Make a Good Headline For an Article-Best Free Guide For You

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Hey, guys in this article, I will tell you how to make a good headline for an article.

The very first sentence that your readers see of your text is almost always the headline or title. And that’s exactly why that one sentence is so important.

Because with a good headline you can make sure your readers really want to read on. But how do you actually do that: write a good headline?

The editors of the online blog kiosk Blendle, together with the University of Amsterdam, investigated which headlines work well and which do not.

And what is that about? We translated the research into five useful tips.

At Blendle you can read hundreds of articles daily from all kinds of different blogs and magazines via a subscription.

So you don’t leaf through a physical magazine or blog, but only choose those pieces from a long list of articles that seem interesting to you.

A good head has therefore become even more important. This should not only show what the article is about but also really entice the reader to dive into the piece.

What is a Catchy Headline For?

A good headline is an infectious feature that can guarantee your article, promotion or online media post will be seen.

The more an individual gets to know your headline, the greater an impact it will have on the individual.

That is the reason why it is essential to write a catchy headline. A catchy headline is one of the most significant features of a media post.

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What is an Example of a Catchy Headline?

A catchy headline is an important part of any article. It’s important to keep people interested in the article. Some people might read an article, but not read an article because of the headline.

A catchy headline can increase the number of people who read an article. When writing a catchy headline, it’s important to keep your audience in mind.

For example, if you were writing an article about weight loss, it’s important to include the word “weight” or “loss” in the headline. If a person is going to read the article, they should know that the article is about weight loss.

What is a Headline of an Article?

Headlines can be a huge factor in how people find your content. They can catch people’s attention and even draw them in, or they can make them tune out and click away.

There are a few guidelines that you can follow when coming up with a catchy headline. For example, one of them would be to keep it short.

As an industry, we often put too much emphasis on long headlines. But, shorter headlines are much more effective and easier to remember.

If you want to make a headline memorable, you should also include a number of words. This will help your headline stand out. If you want to make a headline stand out, then you should also be using bold, italics, and/or underlining.

A Good Cup According to Blendle

For Blendle (and for all other writers of course) it was therefore very interesting to know exactly which type of headline works well. And which head isn’t.

Blendle almost always adapts the original headline of a blog or magazine article, so that it fits better with the digital environment. But are those new headlines really better? The researchers analyzed whether the original or modified headlines were clicked more by Blendle users.

  • In history, for example, more things were successful than not at Blendle: From a student with an idea, Boyan (21) grew into the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. Much clearer, right?
  • The headline: Donald Trump can still learn a lot from Frank Underwood became: What Donald Trump can still learn from Frank Underwood . Do you see how that second headline makes you more curious about the content because of that ‘what’?
  • How predictable is the weather? became: Why is the weather forecast so wrong? . Emphasizing the negative will make you more tempted to click the button.
  • Poor Education: Much Dyslexia Became: Why So Many Kids Are Dyslexic Today, and What We Can Do About It . That cup of Blendle makes you more curious, doesn’t it?
  • Don’t eat for two, think for two became: Half of pregnant women have no idea how much influence food has on their child . Again: negative works!

The three biggest differences between the original headings and Blendle’s: on average, Blendle’s headings are more than twice as long, contain almost twice as many pronouns, and contain more than four times as many words as ‘this’, ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘this’ or ‘that’ (signal words).

These Characteristics Has a Good Headline (online)

The research shows that traditional headlines often used in blogs do less well online. Blendle’s rewritten headlines almost always score better when you look at the number of ‘clicks’. But what exactly is that about? The scientists give you these five tips:

These Signal Words Always Work

Headings with a signal word (this, this, why, etc.) provide more clicks than headlines without such a signal word. Often these words refer to something that will be discussed in the article and that sparks curiosity!


This is why signal words work well
These words always attract attention

Positive Emotions Don’t Work as Well as Negative Ones

Titles with negative sentiment are clicked more often than titles with positive sentiment. By responding to fear and danger, you apparently attract more attention. But: a headline with a positive emotion still outperforms a headline that doesn’t evoke any emotions at all.


Why journalists still don’t know how to write a good headline

Talk to Your Reader Directly!

Using pronouns (you, you, your, we) in your headline will increase your reader’s engagement with the article. This person will feel more addressed and therefore more inclined to read the piece. You personally involve your readers in the story and that works!


As teaching you how you have a good head for your writing articles a question work as a headline? (new)
Surprise! A question in a headline doesn’t work. While many genuine clickbait articles make use of this, this research shows that titles with a question as the headline are actually opened less.

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Use Short Words

Short and easy words work best in your head. The research shows that headlines with words that contain 7 letters or less do better than headlines with words of more than 7 letters.


A good headline has short words: this is why

What else Should You Pay Attention to?

These tips are of course very useful, but always keep an eye on the content of your piece. Does the headline match what you are going to say?

Because otherwise all those readers might click on your piece, but they also drop out after three lines. Always look for the right balance between attracting attention and covering the load, and you’ll get there!


The headline is the first thing that someone reads and it should entice them to read the article.

We love all our readers and hope that by providing this blog post, we can help you improve your writing skills and create a great headline that will make your article one of the top results on the search engines!

If you have any questions, please send us a message. Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you!

I hope you understand how to make a good headline for an article.

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