How to Increase Followers on Blogger

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 Hey, Guy, in this article, I will tell you how to increase followers on blogger.

Counting RSS feed subscribers is one of the things we learn on a blog when we think of any form of partnership with its owners. If we have a blog with a large number of subscribers, we can show them when someone is interested in buying our existing blogs.

And if you take into account various factors to find out the popularity of the blog; The number of RSS subscribers is one of the most important factors. Even bloggers love to see a large number of subscribers on their RSS feeds. In the longer version, RSS subscribers will act as an asset for bloggers. Bloggers can use their RSS subscriber list to sell new products or get feedback on specific topics from their blog readers.

When bloggers open their blogs every morning, they expect to see a big jump in the number of RSS subscribers. But this will not happen automatically. Even with blogs that produce high-quality content, it’s hard to find new RSS subscribers.

15 Methods to Tell You How to Increase Followers on Blogger

To get more RSS readers for your blog, you need to properly promote your RSS feeds. If you want to Free blog followers so completely read this article. In this article, I’m going to share 15 techniques bloggers can use to better promote their RSS feeds to blog readers:

1. Simple subscription options

When readers land on your blog, they should easily find out how they can subscribe to your blog’s RSS. With a large number of blogs that produce even high-quality content, I find it a problem that they do not highlight the RSS feed icons.

As a reader, you start to think about such blogs; there is no way to subscribe to these blog feeds in my favorite RSS reader. So don’t make this mistake. You must display links and images of your RSS feeds prominently on your blog. Some of the most viewed and most visible blog positions are its title, sidebars, and blog post areas.

Therefore, I would recommend that you add an icon for your RSS feed to your blog title or to the top of your sidebar. In addition, you may want to consider including RSS subscription options in your blog posts for additional benefits. And don’t use fancy images to display RSS icons on your blog

You should stick with the standard RSS image icons as most people know about them. And when they search for blog subscription options, their eyes are constantly looking for standard RSS links and images.

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2. Offer email subscriptions

As a blog owner, you should be familiar with standard terms like RSS feeds, RSS readers, RSS feed subscription, etc. But most of your blog readers are not aware of such terms.

Therefore, the simplest solution to this problem would be to provide an email subscription. With an email subscription, readers of your blog will subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed in their emails. And from their inboxes, they can read all of your latest blog posts. To add an email opt-in field in the sidebar of your blog or with post bodies. I have noticed that most successful bloggers demonstrate the ability to subscribe to RSS emails in their top sidebar sections.

I recently added an email subscription option to Bloggers Passion to increase the number of RSS subscribers to my blog. I am using FeedBurner services to subscribe to my blog.

3. Create high-quality blog posts.

Ultimately, your writing style matters. If people like your knowledge and writing style on the topics you blog about, they’ll start looking for options to receive your future posts in their emails and RSS readers.

But if they go to your blog to get detailed information about certain information and they don’t like being on your blog, they will simply close your blog and switch to the next website from which they can get the information they want.

So, as a blogger, you should do a lot of research work before starting work on any of your future posts. If you are creating content that satisfies the doubts and concerns of your blog reader, you will surely see a big spike in RSS subscribers when RSS badges are placed in the right place on your blog.

4. The number of subscribers to the RSS feed

You should start showing subscriber counts on the sidebar of your blog. If your blog already has a large number of RSS subscribers, this will encourage hundreds or even thousands of others to subscribe to your blog

Nobody wants to follow a blog with zero subscribers. So, it is about promoting your existing RSS numbers to increase your subscribers. If you are looking for free alternatives to manage your RSS subscribers, I would recommend using

When you log into your Feedburner account, there is a flow graph option under Publish, which will give you HTML code that you can use on your blog to show your current RSS subscriber count, as I added for Bloggers Passion in the sidebar. Bloggers Passion currently has 177 RSS subscribers.

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5. Ask blog readers for subscriptions

You should create special posts to increase the number of subscribers to your blog. You should ask your blog readers to subscribe to your blog’s RSS and give some good reasons why they should do so.

In your regular posts, you can also instruct your blog readers to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed in their readers or directly to their inboxes. Other than that, you should write educational posts about RSS feeds, such as what are RSS feeds, how to subscribe to RSS feeds, and how to add RSS feeds to blogs, websites, Facebook, etc.

When you make your blog readers understand RSS feeds and related terms, chances are they’ll subscribe to your blog.

6. Maintain a lot of guest blogs

You should start by guest posting on the most popular blogs in your niche. When submitting a guest post, you must specify how you subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed in the body text or author section, as recommended by the blog owner. This way, you can also get additional subscribers to your blog.

7. Drive a lot of visitors to your blog.

You should look for ways to maximize traffic to your blog. You can expect an increase in your blog subscribers as traffic to your blog increases. You must make sure you get traffic to your site from search engines and referral sites.

To get referral traffic, be active on discussion forums related to the blog niche, share your blog posts on social media websites, including links for your blog’s email signatures, make lots of blog comments, share your knowledge on reply type sites to questions from Yahoo. There are hundreds of other ways to drive great traffic to your blog.

8. Write blog posts daily

Nobody likes to subscribe to an inactive blog. To generate additional traffic from search engines and increase your subscribers, you should regularly publish high-quality posts on your blog.

When we talk about the number of posts that we should publish on our blog, there are no criteria such as the minimum number of posts per day. It all depends on your ability to write quality posts. It would be ideal if you can deliver 3-4 quality posts per day.

But when creating posts, you should focus on the topics that you should be covering on your blog. If you blog about something by accident, you may lose some of your existing blog subscribers. So the whole idea would be to publish quality, frequent, and targeted posts on your blog.

9. Offer a complete RSS feed

When we provide an RSS feed for our blog, we have the option to provide a full or partial RSS feed for our blog. With full RSS, blog readers will be able to read full posts in their RSS Reader, and in part; they will only have access to a portion of your blog post.

To read competing posts, they will need to click on your blog. Everyone wants to see complete information in one place, and the same goes for RSS feeds. You must provide your blog readers with a full-content RSS feed.

10. RSS feed directories

There are hundreds of RSS feed directories where you can submit your RSS blog for free. Placing your blog’s RSS in these directories will help you get the word out about your blog and its latest content online. It will also help you improve your RSS subscriber graph.

11. Conducting a competition

We run contests on our blogs to realize many of our motives, such as more comments on our blog, more guest posts on our blog, more fans on our Facebook page, or more our Twitter followers, etc. The same is true for RSS subscribers. We can use contests to increase the number of fast RSS subscribers to our blog.

We can start contests on our blog, where we can present interesting gifts to the winners of the competition. We can set our own criteria and rules for announcing the winners of the competition.

With the email subscribe method, you can easily track who is actually subscribing to your blog and choose winners by a lucky draw or by picking a random email from people who have subscribed to your blog lately.

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12. Include subscription options at the end of your blog post

I noticed that one successful blogger uses follower links and badges at the end of his blog posts. When someone reads your blog post in full, they might look for ways to take action on it.

If they really like your blog content, they will subscribe to your blog using only the subscription links you added at the end of each or popular blog post.

Here is some sample text you can use at the end of a blog post: If you like this post, subscribe to the Bloggers Passion RSS feed here.

13. Offer an e-book to download as an exchange

I have noticed that many internet marketers and bloggers are using eBooks to successfully grow their subscriber list. So what you need to do is create an interesting e-book on a broad topic that you cover on your blog and offer this e-book for free to all those blog readers who subscribe to your RSS feed.

If I think about creating an ebook for this blog, some ebook topics come to my mind: making money blogging, making a profitable WordPress blog, etc.

14. Ask unverified subscribers to confirm

When someone subscribes to our blog’s RSS feed, many subscribers forget to confirm their subscription. By the time they have not verified their subscription, they will not be verified subscribers by your blog and therefore will not appear on your subscriber list.

The number of unverified subscribers can be in the hundreds or even thousands, depending on the popularity of your blog. To convert these unverified followers into real followers; you can email them to confirm the RSS subscription link they received back some time ago.

15. Redirect Various RSS Feeds to Feedburner Feed

Most blogging systems have their own options that readers can use to subscribe to a blog. As with the blogger’s blog, two feeds are automatically created (rss.xml and atom.xml). Likewise, for every WordPress blog, there are multiple feeds generated by WordPress at the root level, then at the category and comment level, etc.

We can fix this problem by manually writing redirects for all RSS feeds in the FeedBurner Feed. And if you’re blogging in WordPress, the FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin is available here, which does all of the RSS redirects for you in simple steps.

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Final thoughts

Hopefully, the above methods will help you significantly increase the number of RSS subscribers to your blog. But I would like to make one thing clear: getting thousands of RSS subscribers is not a one-day job.

This will take time, so you need to stay cool and keep working hard to get more and more followers. In case you have a killer method that I didn’t mention related to RSS feed subscriptions, please share in the comments section below.

I hope you understand how to increase followers on blogger.

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