How to Get Organic Backlinks – 3 Simple Amazing Steps

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Hey, guys in this post I will teach you how to get organic backlinks. Backlinks are very important if you want to fast rank your blog you can also get traffic using backlinks.

So in this post, I will detail explain to you how do you get quality backlinks to your blog and rank your blog but quality backlink get always high authority sites, not spammy sites.

Note: “Before creating backlinks first check that blog or website domain spam score if the spam score is 0 to 1 then this is okay but also check domain authority”

An organic backlink is a high domain authority site link in your site automatically so that’s Google understands you are correct and build the trust of Google.

Google will rank your site fast and you are ranked on google’s first page of Google and other search engines. Organic backlinks are very important if want to rank a site.

So many new bloggers are confused about how do beginners get backlinks so don’t worry I will explain in this article but read the complete article.

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Backlinks in SEO is a very important role performed because backlink is the source of trust google if high authority gives a backlink to your site Google will trust you.

Google fast ranked your blog or site which means you can make money a lot as compared before. If you want to rank your site up from your competitor so check your competitor backlinks if 50 backlinks so you will create 60 backlinks.

After creating backlinks and proper SEO you will rank on google first page and make money a lot as compared before.

Backlinks have two types do follow and no follow first you find what is do-follow and no-follow.

Do follow backlinks are the most powerful type of backlinks that are used by SEO. It is essential to have a strong do-follow backlink on your website. This is because it helps you get more traffic and better rankings.

A do-follow backlink is one that has been approved by the search engine algorithm. Do-follow backlinks can be found in two types, a Nofollow and a Do-Follow. The Nofollow type of backlink is not approved by the search engine algorithm.

The do-follow backlinks are the type of backlinks that have a link to the website that you are linking to. You can get these backlinks by writing articles and posts on blogs, websites, etc. The do-follow backlinks also have the option of being followed by other bloggers. When someone follows your do-follow backlink, it means that they are interested in your content and want to read more of it.

No, follow backlink is completely the same to do follow backlink but do-follow backlinks give authority and no-follow backlinks don’t give authority to your site.

Create both backlinks both have the advantage if you create backlinks to your social media so you get traffic but not get authority.

If a high domain authority site gives you do follow backlink so you get authority and google ranks your site.

Getting organic backlinks is one of the most important things for any website. Organic backlinks are backlinks that are automatically generated by other websites and don’t have to be manually added by the website owner. Backlinks are an important part of SEO because they help you rank higher in search engines.

In today’s internet, organic backlinks are more important than ever. Getting high-quality links is one of the best ways to get ranked in search engines like Google. Backlinks can be created through a variety of methods, such as blog comments, social media sharing, link building, and more. You can get high-quality backlinks by writing quality content and offering value to your readers.

Backlinks are the most important factors for search engine ranking. If you want to rank in search engines, you need to have backlinks. Backlinks can help you in getting a higher position in search engines. There are several ways to get backlinks.

You can buy them from an external source or create them yourself. Backlinks are not free, but they are worth it. So, if you want to get organic backlinks, you should invest your time and money in this field.

You can get organic backlinks if you do proper work if you write unique and valuable content so you can get organic backlinks.

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1# Do Proper Work

This is a general question on getting organic backlinks, so I am going to focus on backlinks from search engines.

First of all, you should have one of the following titles:

– “How to Get Backlinks”

– “How to Get Good Backlinks”

– “How to Get Quality Backlinks”

Second of all, it is worth mentioning that these are not just “organic backlinks” but also “paid backlinks.” Some people think (or are told) that you can get paid backlinks from Google without writing good content, but that is not true.

Ideally, you should write and publish good content for a specific keyword/category (and ideally for several). After publishing good content once, you can get more traffic to the site and get more backlinks from search engines.

You could try doing this for multiple keywords/categories and then rank up in Google. This isn’t a magic trick and it takes time (and probably lots of experimentation), but it does work sometimes.

2# Write Unique and Valuable Content

In the early days of blogging, when it was still a fairly new and unexplored field, there were a couple of different ways to get backlinks.

Method 1

Social media can be done by having an automated Twitter account (i.e., you tweet out a link once or twice a week).

The most effective way to do it is to create a dedicated Facebook page for your own blog and use that page as your main profile for all business communication (i.e., write guest posts on other people’s websites and use your own site as an advertising vehicle).

One problem with this method is that you won’t be able to trackback if you don’t also have a more organized presence on other popular social platforms (Facebook and Twitter) such as Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, and so on).

Method 2

SEO is the traditional method employed by SEO companies in order to help promote their work or services online in order to increase their rankings in searches such as Google (which drives traffic) or Bing (which drives revenue).

But… SEO doesn’t necessarily mean “optimize search engine ranking” these days; it means “optimize conversion rates”

Which are quite different than optimizing ranking positions specifically because they only affect conversions rather than rankings which are far more complex than simply optimizing search engine positions.

Where you don’t necessarily need to worry about how much traffic goes past your site because people have multiple ways of navigating through the results.) For instance, if we rank #1 in Google for “the best brand name car”

But we don’t appear very highly in Bing too that may not matter at all because people can still find us by searching for “best brand name car”.

It’s worth noting that these types of methods work best when your competition isn’t already running an automated social media campaign of the same kind (such as posting links on Facebook or tweeting about your company frequently) otherwise.

It’s hard for non-experts like yourself to understand what’s working well and what isn’t so well-suited to promoting your product/service from two different angles at once; so make sure you’re not just running loops at the same time

How to Get Organic Backlinks

Backlinks to your site are not something that you can get by baiting and trapping Google. Backlinks are not given to you, but rather you have to do something for them. They are a part of the algorithm and even if it is a small portion of your site, it is still important.

Google has a page devoted to the basics of backlinks ( There are 13 main things to keep in mind when getting links:

1) User’s actions do matter

2) Do your work in advance and don’t expect them from Google

3) You can get a lot more links than you think

4) You need to know what kind of relationships you want

5) You must optimize for quality 6) Be careful about traffic

7) Backlink programs

8) Link exchange

9) Quality score

10) Inbound link

11) Longtail

12) Free backlinks

13) Keywords 

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If you want to create do-follow backlinks so contact other bloggers and tell them for backlinks if they agree they charge an amount for backlinks and you write a post and insert a link to give them paid them.

You got backlinks but remember one thing that site is an authority site because authority sites google trust and rank your blog or site fast.

That’s mean do following backlinks is the best way to rank your blog or site backlinks factor of search engine optimization.

But remember one more thing never get backlinks of the spammy site if you get backlinks spammy site your blog is not ranked and your blog site increase spam score. Goole not rank your blog through spammy backlinks.

Do Follow Backlinks

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You can create no-follow backlinks given below steps:

Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are powerful tools for gaining backlinks. These social media sites provide a platform for people to share their work, ideas, and opinions with others. This helps you get backlinks from social media sites which can help you increase your website traffic.

You can create no-follow backlinks using social media to create posts to share your friends with your niche-related groups.

Create no follow backlinks social media profile you can see profile setting must give weblink link option just paste your blog link there and get backlinks.

You can also create no-follow backlinks using comments just visit high traffic blog and do good comments and paste your blog link. But not spam this is also the best method to get backlinks and traffic.


Getting backlinks from the medium is a long process, and it will take a lot of time. You need to read the post carefully, and you need to follow the steps mentioned. If you are able to get backlinks from a medium, then it will be beneficial for your website.

Because if you search any query on google so you can medium also post are showing in search result. So that’s means medium is the best way to get backlinks and traffic.

236.65 million views this traffic see in May 2019. Now you can understand how beneficial medium to get backlinks and traffic.

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Quora is one of the best websites to get backlinks. Quora has an enormous database of questions and answers that are voted by its users. Quora also has a large number of followers and subscribers.

How to create backlinks free using quora? – Quora is one of the best websites to get backlinks. This site allows you to find and answer questions on any topic. If you have a good answer, you can get the link to your website from the link in the question. If you don’t have an answer, then you can ask a question on this site and add the link to your website to it. This way, you can get backlinks using quora.

High quality backlinks free backlinks using quora are some of the best ways to increase your website ranking. Quora is a question and answer platform, where users can ask questions, and answer other users’ questions. By answering questions on Quora, you can gain backlinks from people who visit your website.

+620 Million visits every month of quora you can analyze how beneficial quora is for you. You can get backlinks of creating your space (mean a group of quora) you can get backlinks of quora space and also boost your traffic using quora space.

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No Follow Backlinks

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In this article, I covered all queries of backlinks. To get backlinks for your blog, you have to have high-quality content that is unique and informative. Your readers will be the ones to link to your website and this will increase your traffic.

You can create do-follow backlinks to contact other bloggers but that blog’s high da and spam score is o recommended.

You can create no-follow backlinks using social media for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc.

I hope you understand How to Get Organic Backlinks and how you can create do follow and no follow backlinks

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