How to Get Adsense Approval For Blogger-7 Simple Steps

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Hi guys in this article, I will talk about how to get AdSense approval for bloggers. Alots new bloggers want to get Adsense approval fast but newbie bloggers don’t get Adsense approval fast.

Because newbies blogger makes many mistakes and doesn’t know how to get AdSense approval. So don’t worry here I will explain to you in detail how you can get AdSense approval.

Many new bloggers ask if the free domain of blogger gets approval so my answer is yes but just suppose if you have any query and search on google so you can see the Blogspot website.

I know your answer is no because Blogspot is not showing any search results. blogspot show on Google very low.

I hope you understand what I am saying so I recommend you purchase the domain.

How to Get Adsense Approval For Blogger (Step By Step)

Follow the given below ways to get Google Adsense approval:

#1 Duplicate Content

Look many newbie bloggers use their blogs to duplicate content and google policies for AdSense approval want quality content and unique content.

This is a huge mistake to get AdSense approval for newbies if newbies don’t use duplicate content and create unique and quality content so they easily get Adsense approval.

If your question is about how I check duplicate content so you can use any website just search on google duplicate checker.

So you can see a lot of websites on google just open anyone pastes your content and check.

#2 Paraphrase Content

A lot of newbies blogger don’t use duplicate content but they use already written content rewritten and used in their blog.

But Google is very smart google easily recognizes you are using duplicate content and tell me if someone’s article, ranks on google so why does google rank your rewritten article.

I hope you are not bored during reading.

#3 Quality Content

Quality content means the audience searches for this content and maximum blogger do not write that topics blog if write quality content and many bloggers do not write content.

Google check your blog to see if your blog provides audience satisfaction so google will rank your blog and if you want to get AdSense approval so google will easily give you approval.

Your question is how to provide quality content so my answer is if any reach your blog so do struggle don’t go back immediately.

If anyone read your content so they read more blog post of your content.

#4 Satisfied Audience

If your blog provides audience satisfaction means if anyone searches a particular query and he reaches your blog after reading your blog post he doesn’t search on google his query so google understands your blog provides valuable information.

Actually, Google want audience satisfaction if the audience reaches your blog and does not go back immediately so google understands your blog is

#5 Template

Guys if you are using blogger platform templates so can be approved but if you get Adsense approval fast so you can install a new plus theme I always recommend you.

Because google wants a responsive website means if the audience use as well as mobile, laptop and tablet anything so they will easily use it.

#6 Policy Pages

Policy pages mean about us, contact us, terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer these pages are very necessary for Adsense approval.

But the newbie’s question arises how do I create these pages? don’t worry I have the solution just visit my tools training for blogging and you can see a lot of tools available there.

SEO tools and other tools you can use free of cost. Just use that tools so you can create your pages free of cost.

#7 Blog Traffic

Is blog traffic matter for AdSense approval look AdSense does not tell their traffic crit area but most bloggers just get some organic traffic so google easily approves your blog.

If you want Adsense approval so follow training for blogging because we provide you best information.

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Here I complete explained to you how you can get Adsense approval easily. If you follow my ways so you get AdSense approval easily.

I hope you understand how to get adsense approval for blogger.

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