How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media- Free 11 Smart Tricks

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A lots of people bloggers daily search how to get traffic on website but they don’t know How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media.

Social media is a free method that’s I will tell you because every beginner’s bloggers search for freeways.

Social traffic is the key to the success of any business project. It is thanks to active users that the site will be recognizable, in demand, and popular. Of course, clients can exist without you, but you will never exist without them.

In this article, we will understand how to drive traffic to your website using social media.

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

Here I will detail explain to you How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media. If you want to drive traffic to your blog/website so properly read this post.

Is there a direct relationship between promotion in social networks and traffic?

Even experienced professionals are often faced with a situation where traffic from social networks is negligible, despite a large number of subscribers of the site owners group. But there were also opposite situations when a smaller number of users generated almost 1/3 of the total site traffic.

It is enough to look at the current trends for everything to fall into place:

caption: look at the infographic

  • 2,000,000,000 active Facebook users
  • 800,000,000 use Instagram
  • 97,000,000 active VK users
  • 160,000,000 new users registered in social networks in the first half of 2018
  • 18-24 years old – the age of 62% of social media users
  • From 68% to 98% of users use mobile phones to access social networks
  • 5 different social networks used by 1 person
  • 84% of reposts are made out of a desire to support a favorite brand, group, person, or idea
  • 94% of users rate the quality of the content they repost

In fact, free traffic of social networks “lies on 1 whale” – well-defined thematic content on a site suitable for this.

But the questions are open: How to arrange the material? Is it possible to make it attractive to the user? How to persuade a customer to buy?

Especially for you, we have prepared 11 tips on how to properly attract traffic from a social network.

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Tip #0. Put your social network to work

According to the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research, about 46 million Russians actively use social networks. Consequently, 31% of the entire population of the country “hang out” in Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Facebook, and other sites. In other countries, the numbers are similar.

People search social media for everything from entertainment to products, services, and brands. And if your company is still not on the social network, then you lose from 30% to 60% of your total sales.

In addition, if the user searches for you and does not find you, then … he will make a purchase from your competitor.

Council number 1. Get active.

“There is no sadder story in the world

Then an abandoned social media account

Not everyone is trying to maintain a corporate social media account. This problem is especially true for companies whose activities are not related to the Internet and computers. In this case, you won’t have to wait for social traffic – as soon as the group “dies”, the flow will almost instantly come to naught.

But the “lack of life” in the social network is a kind of indicator of the lack of activity. And the link posted a couple of months ago is no longer relevant to the visitor, and the subscribers of the group or account completely forgot about it.

Important! From the group where there are no updates, they are gradually unsubscribed. Each user periodically arranges a “cleaning”, deleting unnecessary groups and uninteresting friends.

Note that people like to share information. And every update of information, every event is a great media opportunity to:

  • create an entry on the site;
  • Share the post in a group or social network account;
  • tell the subscribers of your personal page about it, if the social network allows it (for example,

Council number 2. Choose only the right social networks

If your target audience lives on Facebook, is it worth spending time on Twitter? If your brand works in the B2B segment, then should you be puzzled by creating an account on LinkedIn, and not spend resources on Odnoklassniki?

In other words, to attract traffic from social networks, you will have to choose those with a higher “concentration” of the target audience. It will turn out not a thoughtless and unnecessary increase in the number of subscribers but attract potential customers.

For example, a beauty salon should look for clients on Instagram or VKontakte.

After all, here:

  • the largest number of girls who care about appearance;
  • the easiest way to present visual content;
  • easily notify potential customers about promotions and discounts using Stories.

But, speaking more globally, you can try to divide social networks into types:

  • Facebook is predominantly an English-speaking audience, but there are also Russian-speaking users. The average age is 25-50 years. The financial situation is average and above.
  • “VKontakte” – almost completely identical to FB, except the main language. Here, the vast majority of Russian-speaking users.
  • Odnoklassniki is a Russian-speaking audience, the average age is 30-40 years old, and 55+ years old. Mostly women sit here.
  • Twitter is multilingual, the average age is 20-40 years old.
  • YouTube is multilingual, the audience is represented by all age categories.
  • Instagram, Pinterest is multilingual social networks, the majority of users are under 25 years old, mostly girls.

It should be understood that most people use mobile devices to access. This is most pronounced in the cases of Instagram and Twitter.

Council number 3. Take care of the content

Content is a trump card that also attracts traffic from search engines and social networks. The success of the entire campaign depends on how cool content you have on the site. (We don’t talk about the fact that you have a cool product or service by default).

Let’s analyze the issue using the accounts of the Nevskaya Palitra Artistic Paint Factory as an example.

Always follow the content submission guidelines applicable to your particular social network. For example, on Instagram, this is graphic content:

  • No long reads for text presentation of content. 3-5 sentences that briefly and concisely describe the essence of the content provided by the link.

Use a colorful picture or video to grab attention. The illustration must be fully consistent with the subject matter of the content.

It will be easier to generate social traffic if you invite subscribers to follow the link to find out the details.

  • Choose what may be of interest to the visitor. For example, master classes on the use of products or video reviews of goods and services.
  • Don’t neglect news announcements. 2-3 words and a picture + link = the interest of visitors and subscribers.

Another trick is a catchy headline. In a social network, the headline is no less important than a picture or other media material.

Moreover, it is the title that “decides” everything: whether the user will view the content and whether he will follow the link.

However, keep in mind that the main content using key phrases should be placed on the site. Social networks should lead to it, and not act on their own. After all, your goal is traffic from social networks with high conversion, and not the number of subscribers.

But the content on the social network should be interesting to the user. Interesting enough to want to share it. The more likes and comments a post earns, the higher it will rank. And the more likely it is that the record will be viewed by people who are not subscribed to your public or account.

Council number 4. Stick to the schedule

Make it a rule to post as often as possible. Otherwise, the growth of the audience will not have to wait. And if you delay the pause, then even loyal subscribers will begin to unsubscribe.

Of course, there is no point in spamming – it is better to focus on quality, not quantity. But in general, you can be guided by the following methodology.

  1. Facebook,, Google+, Instagram – 1-2 posts a day
  2. Twitter – 15-20 entries per day
  3. Pinterest – 10-15 “pins”
  4. LinkedIn – 1 post per day

The placement time is optimally chosen according to the principle:

  • At the beginning of the workday;
  • lunch break;
  • after the end of the working day.

However, over time, too, not everything is so simple. Print out this cheat sheet to get the timing right for your posts and tweets:

  • FB: 13:00 – 16:00
  • VK: 08:20 – 12:30 – 19:30
  • Twitter: evenly, at the beginning of the hour, up to 2 hours apart
  • Google+: 09:00 – 13:00
  • Instagram: 08:00 – 14:00

Just keep these numbers in mind when setting up an automated posting service like SmmPlanner. Alternatively, you can use the automatically suggested posting times.

Never set the minutes “exactly”. After all, most publics publish news at 09:00, so your post risks being buried under an avalanche of others. So post your posts not at 09:00, but at 09:07 or so.

Council number 5. Be open

It seems that communication with a potential client should only take place in person or by phone. Or online chat. But why not meet the needs of your subscribers and engage them in dialogue? After all, it’s so simple!

Open the comments for each entry.

It’s not just “feedback”. The visitor can ask a clarifying question about the news or the announced product. And this is a direct way to increase sales.

If the site does not provide comments, then the user will leave his opinion about the material via the link in the social network.

If a post on a social network turns out to be useful and encourages one to leave comments, then it will rise in the internal ranking of the social network.

Accordingly, the entry will be more often offered in the issuance or recommendations to other users. Just 1 post will generate free social media traffic!

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Encourage subscribers to ask their questions about products, services, and other aspects of the company’s work.

For example, in VK, you can use discussions for this.

The more a potential client communicates with the company, the more confidence arises in the materials that are posted in a group or on a page. Therefore, the user will follow the links and share your posts with their friends.

Attract subscribers to fill your public

Arrange all sorts of contests or promise some other benefit.

For example, one public invites visitors to post photos of finished work, made as part of a past free master class. And, if there are enough photos, another free lesson will be offered.

The benefit is quite obvious – at the end, you can select a whole series of photographs, so that later you can use them when creating the next posts. In addition, the more people who participate in a free master class, the more people will buy paid courses.

Ask the opinion of your subscribers about everything that may be of interest to them.

This will cause a lively discussion within the company’s activities.

For example, you can ask what additional services they lack in the framework of those already provided. Or clarify which color palette to release ahead.

Offer content in such a way that visitors are forced to go to the site in search of an answer.

The main thing is that the user has the illusion of involvement in your business. But, at the same time, do not seek advice too often. After all, this is how the company will demonstrate its insolvency.

Don’t be afraid of criticism.

It may well be justified. The main thing is to respond correctly. Do not delete “objectionable” messages (they will find out about this). Try to figure out what exactly caused the customer’s dissatisfaction and try to openly solve the problem.

Moderation is required.

It’s not just about spam, which is sure to show up in comments or as user-generated content. To a greater extent, you need to “weed out” various obscene comments, outright rudeness, and unreasonable insults.

After all, their presence does not speak of the company’s loyalty to its subscribers, but rather of laziness. And the “trust index” on the part of potential buyers will fall. Therefore, an obscene record will not make social traffic.

Communicate on behalf of the company in other groups where your target audience communicates.

It’s one thing to participate in a discussion about something related to your market niche on behalf of a person. And it is quite another to speak on behalf of the company.

Council number 6. Content reuse

It’s not worth “reinventing the wheel” every time and coming up with new content, especially if the group or page on the social network is gradually growing. Users are lazy and rarely scroll through all the posted materials.

Therefore, it is worth “posting” links to old articles or other site content under new headings and announcements. To attract traffic from social networks, it is worth splitting the content into parts, paying attention to some specific points.

For new subscribers, this content will still be “fresh”. For the old – an extra reminder of previously posted materials.

But do not forget to change the description and illustration. If possible, supplement the post with the author’s videos.

Let’s imagine the situation: summer, everyone is on vacation, calm – with the word “dead season”. Nothing happens in the company, because the first half of the employees responsible for the “movement” spend time on the beaches, and the second went fishing.

But this does not mean that you have to generate some ideas and be sure to post them on the site. A group or social network account can “live” without a link. It is enough just to indicate the presence by making 1-2 interesting posts, even if they are “about nothing”.

Tip #8. Use Automation

Almost everything can (and should) be automated.

BuzzSumo or SmmBox are the main tools that make it easy to catch the uptrends of the social network. They should be used when creating your own content.

Alternatively, really useful content can be dragged into your own group or account. For example, many people generate social traffic using “borrowed” content.

In principle, every social network provides a content-sharing format. But do not forget to leave links to real authors. So you will increase your authority among them and loyalty among subscribers.

delayed posting

If you maintain several accounts in different social networks, then SMM will “eat up” all working time. And there will be no time to do business. After all, 20 tweets, 2 posts on VK, 2 posts on Facebook, 1 on Google+ and 3 on Odnoklassniki will take several hours.

Therefore, it is worth spending time once a week, some money on SmmPlanner or a similar service, and then tracking user activity.

Stay up to date

Modern news aggregators can do a lot more than you think. Use Feedly or Inoreader to track changes in your market niche, get ideas for content, and monitor competitor activity.

Tip #9. Advertising

Advertising will help draw attention to content. But you need to advertise not information on the site, but your own group on the social network. This is more efficient because fewer site visitors subscribe to an RSS feed than to updates to a page or group on a social network.

Large coverage and a sharp increase in subscribers will give a powerful boost to traffic from social networks. And permanent. There are only 4 advertising options:

Order advertising in a social network.

The most effective way, because gender and age, geographic coverage, interests, marital status, and other parameters are easily configured.

Order advertising in a specific group.

It is effective if you are interested in a specific niche and subscribers in the group where advertising is ordered will be interested in your content and website.

Exchange posts with another public in your niche.

It is convenient when both communities are just “gaining” momentum, but not as effective as a direct order for advertising. But it’s free or very cheap.

Attempts to spam comments on posts in other thematic groups.

Still touted as an effective and free promotion tool. Not efficient. But it can “damage” the reputation of a commercial organization. The same can be said about spam in private messages.

Tip number 10. Social media buttons

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

So many copies have been broken about the need to place social networking buttons on the site pages. And, anyway, on most sites, they do not work or do not work at full capacity.

But why?

  • Content is not interesting to users. Visitors just don’t see the point in sharing it. Or the content is so boring that people don’t study it to the end.
  • The buttons just don’t work. There is also this, especially in outdated CMS, which has not been updated for a long time.
  • The buttons are in the wrong place. Where are the buttons placed? That’s right, at the end of the article. But many users are too lazy to find them if they want to postpone the content for study “for later”.
  • There are a lot of buttons. There are so many that not every user can immediately find “his own”. It is better to place the most popular ones – Facebook, VK, Twitter, Google+.

Check how the buttons work and are they in the optimal place? Maybe they should be duplicated at the beginning and end of the content block? Or put in a “header”, which is constantly visible when scrolling the page?

Please note that the functionality of the buttons may be different. But most often they just lead to an account or group of a company on a social network. But this is not enough. Why not use the “share” option? After all, this is completely free social network traffic that will work on its own.

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Tip #11. Being serious is not always good

A serious tone, buzzwords – all this is appropriate on the website of a research institute or a government institution. In a social network, it is much more useful to be cheerful, funny, at least less serious.

People go to social networks to relax and have fun. They are not interested in reading buzzwords and scrolling long reads. And, therefore, it is worth turning to potential customers and trying to give them what they want.

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The tips above are by no means an exhaustive guide to action. After all, each product is created for a specific audience: for example, Tesla drivers are unlikely to be interested in Lada. And what works for potential buyers of cross-stitch thread won’t work for online game customers.

Therefore, the main advice that is worth giving here is not to be afraid of experiments. Try something new, synthesize, play with the emotions of your audience. Examine your iterations carefully to draw the right conclusions.

Internet users are not static. They are people first and foremost. Try to befriend them to drive social media traffic.

Forget that you came to the social network to make sales. Your role here is to promote yourself and your brand, to become a friend and partner for each of your subscribers. And the results will not keep you waiting.

Create Account All Social Media

If you want to get traffic using social media so create an account all social media for example

Also create quora, medium, and Reddit account.

I hope you understand How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media.

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