How to do SEO For Blogger Blog in 4 Easy Steps

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Hey, guys, I am Sameer here I discuss how to do SEO for blogger blog. I know if use blogger so has no budget for WordPress this is okay if you start blogging on blogger.

So you can do it so here I will share my knowledge about blogger SEO setting and tips and tricks on how you can rank your blogger blog using my techniques.

But I again tell you if you have a budget so go WordPress because WordPress gives you more opportunities to rank your blog.

WordPress has many plugins and blogger has no plugins the reason is I recommend WordPress blog. but if you have no budget so you can start blogging on blogger.

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Can we do SEO on Blogger?

Can we do SEO on Blogger? Yes, you can do SEO on Blogger. In fact, search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of blogging. So, if you want to attract more visitors to your blog, you need to pay attention to search engine optimization.

Blogger is a blogging platform owned by Google. It is a popular blogging platform and can be used to create blogs. SEO in Blogger can be done through a number of techniques, like title tags, meta descriptions, keyword analysis, backlinks, etc. This article will help you understand what SEO is and how to do it on Blogger.

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SEO plugin for blogger

SEO plugin for blogger so this query answer is blogger has no available any plugin that’s reason maximum bloggers not use blogger platform.

Because the blogger is a simple platform it is easy to use but the plugin has another advantage you can not add more features to the blogger blog.

But bloggers use beginners blogger when they make money from blogging so they migrate to WordPress.

Search Blogger

If you want to show your blogger blog on google search so you need to do SEO for your blogger blog. How you can do SEO your blogger blog in this article I cover this topic in detail so must read the complete article.

People are searching on the internet for many topics of things so you write that topic that queries people want to know that query answer.

Why You Need SEO For Your Blogger Blog

SEO for your blogger blog is necessary to boost your blog’s ranking. Ranking on search engines is the most important factor to make a blogger blog popular.

If you want to be successful in blogging, then SEO is one of the most important aspects that you need to focus on. SEO can help your blog gain more visibility in the search engines, and this will bring you more visitors, which will ultimately increase your blog’s popularity.

SEO is one of the most important aspects of your blog. Search engine optimization helps your blog to be seen by more people. When you have a good number of visitors, you can increase your earnings by increasing the traffic to your blog. Also, it helps to get more and more visitors to your blog.

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How to do SEO For Blogger Blog

Here I will explain in detail how do I set up SEO on blogger? so if you want to know how to do SEO for your blog so follow given below steps:

#1 On-Page SEO For Blogger

What is on-page SEO? On-page is when you write your blog post and you do SEO or SEO doing in your blog this is called on-page SEO. But how you can on-page SEO is simply follow given below steps:

  • Keyword Research and Use Attack Keyword
  • Create a heading or Subheading in Your Post
  • Readable Paragraph
  • SEO Optimized Paragraph
  • Image Optimization
  • SEO Your Permalink
  • SEO Optimize Meta Description
  • Inbound Linking
  • Out Bond Linking
  • Write More as Compared Your Competitor
  • Setting comment Section

If you want to know more about on-page so visit here you can find out more valuable content here.

#2 Off Page SEO Techniques

What is off-page SEO? Off-page is when you set in your blog outside for example backlinks. Off-page SEO means what other valuable blogs think about you that means they give you a link using their site so google also trusts your site.

How to do off-page SEO Step by Step

To complete the on-page SEO optimization of the website you need backlinks, ie links from other websites that lead to your articles.

When Google finds a link to you from a relevant and authoritative website, it takes it as a recommendation. So, it’s good to have as many recommendations as possible, right?

Here are some ways you can get important backlinks:

  • Create content that deserves links. If you want others to recommend you then they must have what they recommend.
  • Find influencers in your niche to relate to. Try to build a good relationship with the experts in your industry, and contact them when you have something relevant to show them. If there is something quality, they will definitely answer you.
  • Guest Blogging can be the best way to create backlinks. Basically write an article on a blog and link to it!
  • Blog comments. Yes, it still works! Even though most of the links in the comments are “no-follow”, and practically don’t seem to have any SEO value, these comments can be used to build relationships with other bloggers, and maybe, who knows, open up others. possibilities !
  • Forum posts. You can use your knowledge and cite articles in relevant discussions on specialized forums.
  • Create your business profile , brand on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and other platformsLink to your website and use them to promote your content.

Beware of those who promise many backlinks! It doesn’t matter the number of backlinks but the quality backlinks!

And most of these links are made automatically, on spam websites, which will not bring you any long-term benefits!

Moreover, you risk being penalized, losing all your work!

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#3 How to do Technical SEO For Blogger

Follow given below steps:

Go to Blogger and click the setting section.

  1. First, select the title and domain name of your blog. Visit here to choose your domain this tool help you.
  2. Setting your description gives a good description tells you what you explain in your blog and use your keywords in your blog description.
  3. Choose the language which language used in your blogger blog.
  4. If your content age is required so select this section.
  5. If you connect your blogger analytics so copy the proper id in your analytics and paste it into your Google blogger Analytics Property ID.
  6. Visit here make your favicon upload your favicon in your blogger favicon setting
  7. If you want to show your blog in search engine so on the Visible to search engines option.
  8. Now you can change your blog address
  9. If you purchase your domain name so you can add your custom domain using the custom domain option.
  10. Click on HTTPS if you are off this option so your blog HTTP. The difference between both HTTPS means secure your site HTTP mean not secure your site.
  11. Click on the read access button on the public.
  12. How many post-show your blog home page you can I select 7.
  13. If your website is an image website or blog so on the image light box option.
  14. Setting your comments on what you want to do is very simple.
  15. Setting your email what you want so do it it is very simple.
  16. Now you select your time zone and another set of times.
  17. Click om meta tags option and write your meta description using the keyword which you want to rank your blog.
  18. Errors and redirect option is the help you delete any post so you can redirect to your blog.
  19. Enable custom robots.txt option copy given below format but change url paste your blog url now your site robot.txt is created.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


20. Enable custom robots header tags

  • Home page tags all noodp
  • Archive and search page tags noindex noodp
  • Post and page tags all noodp

21. Site submission submits your email, blog name and post address and click submit.

Now your blog technical SEO is completed. I hope you are not bored reading this post.

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#4 Blogger Blog Techniques

At the bottom of each blog, it’s written “Blogger Technologies” for a reason, when creating the platform, Google provided ways for search engine optimization.

Some of the parameters can be configured in the “Settings” section – this is a description, privacy, error message, redirect settings. Other options are in the message editor.

These tips will help a novice blogger to understand search engine optimization:

  • Write a blog description. This text is used by search engines and will appear below the blog title in search results. If you leave the description field empty, the text snippet will be generated automatically.
  • Think carefully about post titles. The title should be short enough, but extremely clear and interesting to convey the content of the message. In most cases, it is by name that posts are issued in the search.
    Use headings and subheadings. With their help, the search engine determines the content of the records. These changes are also made in the post editor.
  • Use bold and italics. So you can highlight the keywords, of course, if it corresponds to the logic and meaning of the text.
  • Use keywords as shortcuts. The post editor has a field for post tags. It is best to enter there exactly those keywords that reflect the content. They will appear below the post on the main page, and the spelling of the labels is usually different, and this matters when searching.
  • Create permanent custom links. To do this, in the sidebar of the message editor, you need to change the “Automatic” item. In addition to the fact that the link will become more beautiful and accurate, there are several other advantages, for example, it will be easier to find or send it.

Give your images a title and description. After that, not only text but also images will be indexed. To do this, in the message editor, click on the picture and select “Properties”. The text from the second line will be shown to the reader if the image fails to load for some reason.

  • Use social media to share links to your blog entries. This is useful not only for promotion but also for search engine optimization. In the Google+ section, you can configure publishing options. Everyone knows that Google+ is not the most popular social network, but search engines, especially Google itself, pay attention to these links.
  • Reduce blog load time. Flash gadgets, beautiful but heavy background pictures, a huge number of posts with photos on the main page – all this looks good but slows downloading. People don’t like to wait and may never return to a site that takes a long time to load.

Probably, not every blogger will redo his work for the sake of soulless search engines, but if you really want to advance in search results, you can use the following scheme:

  1. Determine the keywords of the text (already written or planned);
  2. Go to Yandex.Wordstat and find these keywords;
  3. Select from the keywords “low-frequency” – with the number of impressions up to 2000;
  4. Fill your text with the received words within 3% of the total volume.

For example, for a post about book novelties, one of the key phrases will be “new interesting books” (476 impressions per month), but with a total volume of 2,000 characters, you can use it in the text no more than 3 times. At the same time, the query “fashion trends” has 36,372 impressions, that is, the competition is quite high and the new site will not be in the top ten.

Another point is related to the domain name of the blog. Many are interested in the question of when the blog will appear in the search. Google promises that soon but does not give any specifics. Therefore, it is better to take matters into your own hands and add the address to the search base on Yandex and Google. Then the blog can be found in a few minutes.

It is important to understand that the use of these techniques does not guarantee the first lines in the search, but even a small optimization over time will bear fruit.

I hope you understand how to do SEO for blogger blog.

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