How to Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing Website-Only 8 Simple Steps

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Hey, guys in this article, I will tell you how to create a successful affiliate marketing website

  • Your own successful affiliate website is what you dream of.
  • The freedom to work where, when and how much you want.
  • Earn money with your affiliate website that runs 24/7, even while you are doing other things.
  • But where do you start?
  • How do you get visitors to buy through your affiliate links?
  • That’s what you will read in this article

Create your own successful affiliate website; for many people, this is a dream. More and more people are seeing the importance of having an online passive income.

As a result, more and more people are interested in affiliate marketing. 

And actually, creating an affiliate website is not as difficult as you may think. It is quite easy, but few people manage to become really successful with affiliate marketing.

It is a struggle that I also had for a long time, but with the help of the right people,, I am now taking the right steps towards my goal of having a successful affiliate marketing website and thereby creating financial independence. 

Affiliate marketing gives you the freedom to work where, when and how much you want. Not only ideal for people who dream of living as a digital nomad and want to work from all over the world.

But also for mothers who want to decide for themselves when and how much they want to work and still want to have a good income.

I just want to tell you that I love that you are here now and that you would like to start your own affiliate website too. That you take the first step. This way you will progress step by step!

But how do you start your own affiliate website? Anyway, this is the first step!

In this article, you will find a ready-made step-by-step plan with 8 simple and practical steps to start your own affiliate website. So you can start creating your own affiliate website today.

The following are some of the things you’ll learn in this article:

  • What an affiliate marketing website is and how affiliate websites work
  • How to create an affiliate website in 8 practical steps
  • How to choose a suitable topic for your affiliate website
  • The importance of good keyword research and how to do this
  • You get to know some affiliate networks
  • And how you can learn from people who are already successful with their affiliate websites

It is a very extensive article so that you can get started right away and start your own affiliate website today. If you have about 30 minutes now, start reading. If you don’t have it, bookmark this article so that you can easily find it later. Now quickly scroll to the chapters you want to read.

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How do affiliate websites work?

First I want to take you to the basics behind an affiliate website. Because how exactly does an affiliate website work?

Just a question for you…

What do you do if you want to know something? Or when you are looking for more information about something?

You were probably looking for information about creating an affiliate website. You went to Google and typed in the search bar to create an affiliate website.

(The way you probably got to this article)

Or you are, for example, looking for a new dog bed.

You searched for best dog bed on Google 

When you enter the search for the best dog bed, you will probably see the following result at the moment.

(Know that the results can be different every time. Because new articles are added, Google’s algorithm changes whether you see a store near you)

You click on the pet mania website and you will come to an article in which you can read everything about the 4 best dog beds.

You read the article, choose the dog bed of your choice, click on the link and buy the dog bed via Nice and reliable and easy via a large well-known web store. The best dog bed for your dog will be delivered to your home the next day.

In exchange for forwarding you to and the purchase you made there, pet mania receives a reward (also called a commission).

You as a buyer pay nothing extra and in this case, has an extra sale.

A great example of how an affiliate website works.

What is an affiliate marketing website?

I want to take a closer look at the concept behind an affiliate website and how it works. So that you understand it well before you start yourself.

An affiliate website is a website where you as an affiliate promote products or services of other entrepreneurs. You write articles full of valuable information for the visitors of your website.

Realize that your affiliate website is different from a regular blog website. With your affiliate website, you aim to earn money by earning commissions, through the seller’s website.

So you will have to do different things than on a normal website. You will read more about this later in this article.

But first, more about the process behind your affiliate website.

So visitors come to your website to read your articles. In such an article you tell everything the visitor wants to know about the product. You then refer this visitor to the website where they can buy the product that perfectly matches their wishes.

If this visitor makes a purchase via your affiliate link, you will receive a reward in return. You call that reward a commission.

How do you start an affiliate marketing website?

Okay, time to take the first step to get started with your own affiliate website.

To answer the questions: How do you start an affiliate website? What steps do you need to take for this?

Start by asking yourself some questions.

What do you want to achieve with your affiliate website? (And I don’t just mean the answer: passively earn a lot of money)

What do you want to mean for your visitors?

What value do you want to give to them?

Who are you making your website for?

If you are going to share a lot of value with others, and you are going to create a lot of content about it, then it is so nice that you are working on a subject that interests you.

If you are not interested in a topic and you are only doing it for high commissions, your affiliate website is doomed to fail.

If you don’t like the subject of your website at all, you can’t write about it passionately or make videos about it. But your visitors notice that (consciously or unconsciously).

There are so many different affiliate products and services. So you can always find something that suits you. So think carefully about this!

We will go into this in more detail in step 1.

Create an affiliate website in 8 simple and practical steps

Time to get to the practical part, so you can get started step by step. You now know how the basics behind an affiliate website work and what types of affiliate websites there are.

Now it’s time for you to get started!

Below you see the 8 simple and practical steps that you will take to start your own affiliate website. I will explain them further so that you can get started right away.

  • Choose a niche
  • Choose a product
  • Register a domain name
  • Set up your website
  • Do keyword research
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Write valuable content
  • Fine-tune and scale-up

1 Choose a niche for your website

This is the most important step! Choose a topic that interests you. That makes it so much easier to work on your affiliate website.

Even in the beginning when it doesn’t yield anything. It provides the motivation to continue and write valuable articles.

There are many different niches to write about and where you can find all kinds of products to promote as an affiliate.

Examples of well-known niches are; health, fitness, hobby, business, love, or personal development. 

Sub-topics can be found within these large broad niches. Such as eating sugar-free, exercising for mothers, sewing, making money with affiliate marketing, or changing your mindset.

Choose a niche that suits you, that you know something about and that you feel comfortable with. This ensures that you can easily move into your target group. This makes it much easier to write articles, they are much more valuable and it costs much less energy.

Do not choose a subject that does not suit you based on high commissions. Then you won’t last long. This means you already give up before you make money…. it’s a shame

Think carefully about the topics you are interested in. Which you already know a lot about. Or which you are interested in learning more about.

2 Choose which product you will promote

There are hundreds of products to promote. Now that you know your niche after taking step 1, you start looking for products or services that match it.

When choosing a product, pay attention to how much competition there is and how well the product is selling.

Think about the products or services that you use yourself and that you have had good experiences with. About the courses, you have taken yourself and the books you have read. A course that you would like to take yourself or a product that you would like to have and which you can then write an article about.

From that point of view, you look for affiliate products to promote.

You may end up with a large affiliate network. Another way is to contact a seller of a course or product you want to promote and ask if they also have an affiliate program. You can also search on Google for an affiliate program or partner programs of the company you want to work with.

3 Register a matching domain name and choose your hosting

You know your niche and you have chosen your first product. Now it’s time for a matching domain name. Keep the domain name as short as possible. Make sure that your domain name immediately makes it clear what your website is about.

When people hear your domain name, make sure they know how to write the domain name right away. That there can be no confusion among your visitors.

Try to keep your domain name short. Without dashes, dots, and numbers.

If you are targeting the Dutch market, choose the .nl extension.

If you want to focus on the international market, choose the .com extension.

Also, choose your hosting package. Hosting stands for a piece of space that you rent on a computer that is connected to the internet day and night. So your website is available 24/7.

Look at the different hosting packages out there and choose what suits you.

I always register my domain Namecheap. They show very conveniently and quickly whether a domain name is still available. For a few dollars, you already have a domain name and a hosting package.

Versio only has online customer service. I have never had any problems with versioning myself and the time I needed them, the online went super fast.

Also, make sure you have an SSL certificate so that your website has a secure connection. Important to make your visitors feel safe and to rank well in Google.

Also, choose your hosting package. Hosting stands for a piece of space that you rent on a computer that is connected to the internet day and night. So your website is available 24/7.

Look at the different hosting packages out there and choose what suits you. This only needs to cost you a few euros per year.

I have my hosting via  Hostinger

Hostinger has 3 different hosting packages. You choose which one suits you.

Hostinger hosting packages:

  1. StartUp costs $1.39/mo per month. You have hosting for 1 website, 30 GB SSD storage, and can receive up to 10,000 visitors per month on your website.
  2. GrowBig costs $2.59 per month. You have hosting for 100 websites, 100GB SSD storage, and can receive up to 25,000 visitors per month on your website.
  3. GoGeek costs $3.99 per month. You have hosting for 100 websites, 200GB SSD storage, and can receive up to 100,000 visitors per month on your website.

Hostinger is one of the largest and best-rated hosting providers.

They are an international and English-speaking company but have servers in the USA, Europe, and Asia which is important for speed. You also simply pay with iDeal and do not need a credit card.

Advantages of hosting via Hostinger

  • There is 24/7 support which is super handy if you run into something during the weekend or in the evening.
  • There is a live chat where you can easily and quickly ask your questions. Hostinger’s employees also respond quickly in chat.
  • You get a free SSL certificate and a free domain. With other hosting parties, this is something that is not always included in the price
  • There are different hosting packages to choose from, so there is always a package that suits you. I recommend you choose the premium shared hosting plan.
  • You can easily install WordPress with one click.
  • A very good price-quality ratio

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4 Set up your website  

Yes, your domain name is registered! Now it’s time to set up your own website.

Setting up your own website starts with installing a CMS.

A CMS ensures that you can place articles on your website. A good and widely used CMS is WordPress.

Via Versio, it is super easy to download WordPress on your website in your admin dashboard.

Once you’re done with this, choose a theme to download on your website. There are many different WordPress themes to choose from. Both are free and paid. When looking for a free theme, use Google.

I build my websites with the paid WordPress theme  Divi from Elegant Themes.  Divi has a lot of options to make your website the way you want. It is one of the most popular WordPress themes

Divi has the advantage of the Visual Builder. This allows you to work at the front of your website so that you can immediately see what your website or page looks like. With many themes, you can only work at the back and it is not immediately clear what changes on the page.

The many possibilities to make your website the way you want it and the possibility to work at the front of your pages is why I work with Divi.

Wow, when you are here and you have immediately put these steps into practice, then I want to congratulate you. These are the very first steps on the way to your own affiliate website! The important foundation is standing. From here you can get started on making sure you start making real money with affiliate marketing.

They are necessary steps that you need to pay the necessary attention to get off to a good start. But make sure you don’t get stuck in these steps and don’t go through with it. Yes, it is important for a good start, but in the end, it is even more important to continue building your website. So that you can actually earn money.

Now it’s time for the next steps (which will yield your money). These steps will help you set up your successful affiliate website. The following steps will ensure that you really get visitors to your website. Which will earn you commissions.

You may think now is the time to start writing articles, but first, there are a few other steps to take to ensure that you publish a good article.

5 Look for relevant keywords

To write good articles that attract visitors, it is important to know what people are searching for on Google. This will attract the right visitors to your website.

That’s why you don’t just start writing, but first, do keyword research.

Keywords say something about the search intent of your visitors. By doing research you find out which keywords and terms people often search for. What kind of questions do they ask and what do they want answers to.

Your goal is to write an article that contains as many of these keywords and answers as possible.

It is possible to do keyword research for free.

You do this by looking in Google for the suggestions in the search bar and the related keywords at the bottom.

Yoast Suggest helps you find long-tail keywords for free. These are search terms that consist of 4 or more words. This will make it easier for you to bring buyer-oriented readers to your website.

Ubersuggest helps you find out search volumes.

I use the paid SEO tool  KeySearch for my keyword research. This is an SEO tool with a lot of possibilities. It saves me a lot of time to have everything I want to know together in 1 tool.

You enter what you want to write about (see the circle) and KeySearch then gives you relevant keywords with their volume and score (see the arrows).

How to Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing Website

The volume shows you how often the keyword in question is searched for and the score tells you how much competition a keyword has. The lower the number, the less fierce the competition.

The advantage of KeySearch is the low price. It will only cost you $17 per month. Quite a difference compared to the well-known SEO tool Ahrefs, for which you pay $99 per month.

With KeySearch you can do 200 keyword searches every day. Enough for your affiliate website.

Buying Targeted Keywords

What is important as an affiliate to earn commissions is that you don’t just use random keywords, but that you choose buying-oriented keywords.

Something I’ve been confused about for a long time. I got thousands of visitors a month, but few buyers. That’s why I turned to other buying keywords.

An example:

The keyword drill has a volume of 14800 and a score of 34

The keyword best drill has a volume of 390 and a score of 19.

Which of these 2 keywords do you choose as a buying keyword?

I hope option 2. Then you know for sure that your reader is not looking for general information about drills, but is looking for the best drill to buy.

6 Analyze your competitors

To ensure that people will read your articles and make purchases via your affiliate link, it is important that you write the most valuable content and thus score in Google.

It is therefore important to make an analysis of your competitors. So that you know what they write and whether you have a chance with your website to come to the top in the search engines.

What you do is search in Google for the keyword or keywords you want to rank for.

You are going to look at the search results that appear on the first page of Google.

What do they write?

Where can you be better?

What is the DA of the website in question?

How do you ensure that you rank higher in Google?

This may be difficult in the beginning, because the Domain Authority (DA) of your website is still low. But the more valuable content you publish, the higher your DA becomes and the easier you compete with your competitors.

Knowing what others write about will make you even more valuable. For example, by being even more extensive. Go more in-depth. And write truly unique content that no one else has written before.

That is why it is important before you start writing to do an analysis of your competitors.

7 Write valuable content

Now you have arrived at the step of actually writing. When writing, keep in mind that you are always writing for your readers. Not for the search engine.

The goal is to give your readers the most valuable information there is, so they can get answers to all their questions. Then they don’t have to look any further and they click on your affiliate link when they want to buy.

But your story should also be easy to read for your visitors and convincing.

Find a balance between writing for Google with the right keywords and writing for your reader.

It is important that readers come to your articles and therefore use the right keywords in your article. But it also has to be a nice and readable story for the reader. A good balance between those 2 things is therefore necessary.

The best thing is to regularly post an article online. For example, once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. The more (valuable) articles you place online, the faster your affiliate website will go.

Make sure your article is the most valuable and convincing so that it will rank in Google. Then the visitors and buyers come naturally.

8 Fine-tune and scale

The foundation for your website is now in place. Now you must keep writing about topics that fit within your niche and that you always write good content.

Keep working on your website. Post valuable articles. Turn your readers into buyers. Keep going consistently.

Then there will be more and more visitors and more and more buyers.

You scale up by getting more commissions from your website. For example, by promoting different products that fit within your niche on 1 website. Or by creating different affiliate sites.

Ultimately, when you get there, it’s important to do more of what works for you and less of the things that don’t work or that don’t work for you.

These are the 8 steps for creating your own affiliate website. This allows you to get started right away to start creating your affiliate website today.

But read this article first! Because there’s more you need to know…

Who benefits most from an affiliate website?

You may be wondering who benefits the most from an affiliate website. And why you won’t become the seller yourself and get the whole amount instead of just part of it

Below you can read more about the advantages that each party has with an affiliate website.

For sellers who work with affiliates, it is a marketing channel that ensures that they get extra customers. People he might never have reached otherwise.

In exchange for this extra turnover, the sellers are only too happy to pay a part of this turnover to the affiliate who takes care of this.

It is an ideal way for affiliates to earn money passively. There are no risks involved.

You do not need to have your own product or service. Not having stock at home. You don’t have to send things. No customer service to do. So you have the benefits, but not the burdens.

In addition, you help the customer with all the information they are looking for. As a result, that person buys something that he/she supports and that suits him/her.

So win-win-win!

The seller is happy with the extra turnover, you are happy with your commission and the customer is happy with the product.

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Affiliate links register your sales

But how does the seller know that he has to pay you a commission?

In your articles, you use special affiliate links with which you redirect your visitors to the seller’s website.

Here you can see the example of my affiliate link for the Affiliate Marketing Revolution

How to Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing Website

This unique affiliate link places a cookie with the visitor who clicks on it. When that person buys the product, that cookie tells the seller that the sale came through your website. This is how you as an affiliate can get your commission

In the red circle, you see my unique affiliate ID that ensures that a sale via this link can be traced back to me. As a result, I receive a commission when a sale takes place via this link.

The visitor who has bought the product receives the product through the seller. You don’t have to do anything about it at all.

The revenue model of an affiliate website

The revenue model behind an affiliate website is to receive commissions for sales made through your link. All you do is redirect the visitor to your site to the product that the visitor is interested in. 

Different types of affiliate website examples

There are different types of affiliate websites. They all have a different purpose.

In general, you can choose from these 3 different types: comparison websites, review websites, and niche authority websites.

➡  Comparison website: We are all familiar with comparison websites in the field of energy suppliers, telephones, or insurance. Affiliate marketing is also behind this as a revenue model.

As a starting affiliate, this is not the easiest website to start. There is a lot of competition because there is already a comparison website for most products. A good example is Independent

➡  Review website: Many people nowadays search for the opinion and experiences of others before buying something. That is what review websites respond to. On a review website, you share your experience about a product or service and use your affiliate link when referring to it.

➡  Niche authority website: This is a comprehensive website on a specific topic. You build a valuable website about the subject you are interested in and know a lot about. As a result, your readers and Google will see you as an authority.

As an affiliate, you then recommend products that fit your niche. When you have built up authority, it is also possible to write reviews about products that fit within that topic. That way you score high in Google.

A niche authority is therefore not about as many different reviews as possible. It’s about delivering as much value as possible about a certain topic (the niche) and promoting appropriate products.

My website is a niche authority website about personal development and affiliate marketing. About financial freedom and freedom in your life to be able to do what you want. That’s what I write articles about and the products I promote fit in with that.

When you start your own affiliate website, I recommend that you start a niche authority website. To first start with one product or service and build up authority around it. I believe that such an affiliate website has the best future.

How do you find a good affiliate program?

It is important when finding a good affiliate program that you know what each network offers.

In step 2 you have thought about the product or products that will be promoted.

Important: promote products that you have experienced with yourself and that you are super happy with. So that you can fully support it!

Think carefully about that. Find out if there is an affiliate program for a product or courses that you are very happy with. Are they affiliated with an affiliate network or do they have their own affiliate program?

There are several affiliate networks of which I will give you some well-known examples:

  • Amazon:  A large affiliate network to which many different companies are affiliated. You will find all affiliated companies here. The committees are very different. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll see how much commission each campaign pays out.
  • ClickBank:  Another great affiliate program. Many different companies are also affiliated with this. You can find which these are here. Here you can also see how much commission a company gives when you have created a profile.
  •  Here you will find many online courses and e-books made by other online entrepreneurs. The commissions here are quite high and sometimes reach 12%.
  •  TradeTracker is also a super large affiliate network where both large well-known and small companies are connected. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find an overview of all advertisers but on their site names such as Allianz, AliExpress, G-Star Raw, Vodafone, Disneyland Paris, Unibet, and Divo. Click here to sign up at
  • Bluehost: As an affiliate partner of Bluehost, you create affiliate links and promot your social media and your website. There is always something to promote. The commissions very high $65 per sale, but a lot of choices.
  • Hostinger:  Hostinger also has its own partner program. Here you create affiliate links to promot your blog or website. Hostinger commissions is very high 60%.

Making a good affiliate website is all about valuable content

You know where your interests lie, which products suit them and you have your own website.

Time to start writing super valuable content to get visitors to your website. We discussed this in step 7 of the 8 practical steps to create an affiliate marketing website.

But I want to focus on it one more time because it is the most important thing to be successful with your affiliate marketing website

Think carefully about the content you write. Because you don’t just write content. You are looking for people who want to buy the product you are promoting. Not to people who just want to read information about it. Spend time and attention on this.

Your visitors are looking for the best information about the product they want to purchase. They need the last push to buy. Provide valuable information so that you persuade your visitors to buy from you. Create a good story and share your own experiences with your readers.

What does your visitor search for in Google? What words do they use?

Do good keyword research and make your articles SEO-proof.

As I have shown before, I use KeySearch for this myself. But it is also possible to use Google Keyword Planner, Answer the Public, and the related searches that you will find at the bottom of In Google.

If you have collected enough good keywords in this way, you will write a super valuable article and process your keywords in it. In the text and in the subheadings.

Keep in mind that you are never writing an article for a search engine, but always for your readers. They must be able to read it well. If it is valuable and easy to read, you will automatically rank higher in Google and more and more visitors will come.

Keep building for the best affiliate marketing website

Constantly keep creating valuable content. Google loves this and will rate it well.

The more valuable content, the higher you rank in Google. The more visitors and the more you will earn.

It’s all about delivering value to your visitors. They must find a solution to their question or problem and have confidence in you. Only then will they buy through you.

It takes time to build a valuable website that ranks Google highly. Make sure to regularly post a valuable article. That you deliver real value in that article. With the right keywords incorporated.

But don’t forget to look at previously written articles and update them regularly.

If you stick to this, you will automatically see the result after a few weeks/months/years. Then people will find your website. And are they willing to purchase the product or service through you?

Is affiliate marketing without a website possible?

Maybe you’ve come this far and don’t feel like creating your own website at all. You wonder whether affiliate marketing without a website is also possible. (The answer is: Yes, it is possible)

This question often comes up because you think it is extremely difficult to create a website. That was the case about 10 years ago, but today it is simple. You can set up a website in minutes.

And putting your content online also only takes a few minutes. (Writing, on the other hand, takes more time)

But it is also possible to start as an affiliate partner without a website.

Maybe you already have a lot of followers on Facebook or Instagram. Then you can get started here by sharing value around the product you are promoting and referring to your affiliate link there.

Another really good way is to make YouTube videos about the products or services you offer. You place your affiliate link in the description or comments.

Successful affiliate websites

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick. People are very often disappointed with the results of their affiliate website because they expect to make money quickly.

But if you want to make a well-run affiliate website, you need to have a long-term vision. You first have to invest time, money, and effort before it really produces results.

It is not a quick fix to quickly build a passive income.

As you have read, it takes time to write valuable content. Go through all the steps from step 5 every time.

It takes time for Google to discover your website as valuable and to rank you.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it! Because once it starts coming, it goes faster and faster. If you continue to deliver value, you will be rewarded.

A well-known and successful example within affiliate marketing in the Netherlands is Jacko Meijaard of Internet Success Guide. He has been in business for 10 years now, but now earns at least 10K per month. In January 2021, he even made over 100K in one month!

Paco Vermeulen is another successful affiliate and also earns over 10K monthly through his affiliate websites. He focuses on the English market. Paco has also been active as an online entrepreneur for more than 10 years.

These are just 2 examples of successful affiliates. There are even more who earn a few thousand dollars a month with their affiliate marketing websites.

You can see from both examples that they have been working for a long time before they reach the amounts where they are now. They also started small and have consistently continued to build on their dream of becoming a successful affiliate. In this way, they have built up their income from a few tens per month to thousands of euros per month.

This is also possible for you to achieve if you are willing to have a long-term vision.

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Do you want to learn more about creating a good affiliate marketing website?

Hopefully, this article has been valuable to you. Does it help you on your way to setting up your own affiliate website? You now know exactly what you can do to create your own affiliate website.

You now undoubtedly want to get started quickly to start your own affiliate website.

So you can make the internet work for you.

You have the freedom to work where, when and how much you want.

Become successful with affiliate marketing.

What you can start right now are the following steps:

Think about the niche you want to focus on and the products you want to promote

Claim your domain name

Arrange your hosting

When you have done this, you have already taken the first steps!

Then you can continue building your website and writing articles. Follow the steps in this article to help you create your affiliate website.

Realize that it’s easy to start something, but much harder to stick with it. Persevere when the going gets tough when you get stuck or you don’t get the results you hoped for.

Those are the times when most people drop out of affiliate marketing. Why do most people fail to succeed? Where you make the difference. Just like the affiliates that are already successful. Keep going and don’t give up!

It is nice to be able to ask for help from people who are where you want to be. Gather like-minded people around you who know what you’re doing. When you not only read something, but you also have help to really get started.

I am glad that I can always contact Jacko and the Internet Success Guide Forum. Jacko is where I’d like to build. He can tell me what to do when I’m not sure. On the Internet Success Guide Forum, you will also find another 12,000 people who are also involved in affiliate marketing. They can also help and answer questions.

You too can get started with the help of Jacko by taking his Affiliate Marketing Revolution course and with the help of the members of his forum.

Start creating your own affiliate website immediately without any technical knowledge

The Affiliate Marketing Revolution is a video course in which shows you step by step how to create your own successful affiliate website.

This is how it works:

Watch the Affiliate Marketing Revolution videos. In these videos, Jacko shows you step by step how to set up a profitable affiliate website

Build your first profitable affiliate website. No technical knowledge is required; your website is online. You have already taken the first steps with this article!

Scale your affiliate marketing business. Get more visitors, more clicks, and more commissions.

Let the internet work for you instead of the other way around. Your website is always online, even while you are sleeping or on vacation. This way you wake up with more money than before you went to sleep.

It is now up to you to really take action and get started with your own affiliate website. With or without the help of others, that is what you want.

If you only choose to start and get started.

I hope the 8 steps I discussed in this article along with the rest of the information will help you on your way to becoming a successful affiliate.

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