How to Get Free Dofollow Backlinks From Website-No #1 Guide

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Hey, guys in this article, I will tell you how to get free dofollow backlinks from website.

If you want to create free do-follow backlinks so you can get backlinks to your other site. If you have no other site so do a guest post that means contact other bloggers and tell them I will write quality content for you.

Give me a do-follow backlink maximum bloggers charge for do-follow backlinks but this is a chance if they give you do-follow backlinks free.

So here I will detail for you in this post so completely read this article,

For those of you who like to write on blogs or have a personal website. Possibly you know about the term do follow backlinks. However, truth be told, many are befuddled and don’t comprehend this term.

A backlink is a link or link, which comes from a site. Then, be directed to the website address or one of the web pages that you have. Not only that but backlinks are also known as incoming links and inbound links.

The question now is, how to get quality do-follow backlinks?

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In general practice, you are the party providing backlinks to other sites. The trick, by installing a link to a specific site from your site. This is because, there are many benefits of backlinks that you can get, especially if the backlink status is do-follow. That’s why, in addition to being a backlink provider, your website also needs to be a recipient of backlinks from other sites.

The process carried out to get backlinks is referred to as link building in SEO techniques. The process of obtaining this URL link is certainly not as simple as it seems. So, it’s no wonder that many are looking for shortcuts by buying backlinks.

This can indeed be done, but the backlinks you get are not necessarily of high quality. Especially if the niche of the site that provides the backlink is not the same as your site’s niche. It’s even possible, the website has bad credibility in the eyes of search engines, which can also make your site bad on search engines.

How to Get Free Dofollow Backlinks From Website

Although it is quite difficult and requires a long process to be able to get high-quality backlinks, you don’t need to worry. Because there is always a way to get it right. Such as the following!

1. Guest Post

Have you ever heard of guest posts or guest writers? Yes, guest posting or guest writing is the creation of free content on someone else’s site or blog, where the reward is given a link that points to your site. There is also this link that can be placed in the author’s biodata section, or it can also be in the form of excerpts of information contained in the article ( anchor text ).

Guest posts are a very popular way to plant backlinks. The reason is, this method can benefit both parties, be it for you as a writer, or for the blog owner, where your articles will be published.

2. Creating Top Quality Content

To get high-quality backlinks, you must also create content of the same quality. So, this content can help brand your brand as a whole in the eyes of the public, especially netizens.

But if on the other hand, when your site’s pages are of low quality, let alone there is no valuable information there, it can certainly lead to a negative assessment, and the audience is reluctant to visit again.

It’s not just the text of the article. As it turns out, several types of content formats perform much better at getting backlinks. For example, infographics, videos, quizzes, and content that contains tips or tutorials. Well, make an article with that format, so that later there will be other sites that link to your article.

In general, content in the form of guide articles or tutorials has a large number of words and is also comprehensive. The performance of content like this is much better than short articles. The full guide content will be used as a source article or reference by other sites when they write about topics similar to yours.

To make your articles easier to find by people who need these references, apply targeted keyword research, and also use long-tail keywords.

4. Create Skyscraper Content

After finding good content on your blog or site, polish it to make it even better. For example, by updating the contents of the article, adjusted to the latest changes. Then, add the parts that are still missing and more.

This way, it is likely that your article will appear on page one. And finally, many people read and make references, so they are happy to provide backlinks.

5. Making Tools for Free

Want free do-follow more accurate backlinks? Try making free tools that are widely used. For example, the template blog or site, template email marketing, calculators, information Covid-19, and various tools and another simple.

Before providing these free tools, you must first do some kind of research. The point is, to find out what tools are used the most and can help you get quality do-follow backlinks. Until then you can adapt it to your digital marketing websites.

Try reaching a site with a broken outbound link and suggest that they update that link to a page on your site that relates to that person’s article.

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7. Use Branded Strategy and Branded Techniques

When you apply SEO techniques to get quality do-follow backlinks, then try to follow Brian Dean’s example from backlinks. He created a strategy with the name moving man method. Strategy to build links that come from sources that have been out of date.

A strategy that is then remembered and makes other people provide backlinks to Brian’s content. You can imitate it together with the Jakarta digital marketing agency team by making special tips and tricks. Of course, accompanied by a uniqueness that makes visitors immediately remember you. This method is effective and can make them not hesitate to provide backlinks to your content or articles when they discuss the same thing.

When netizens mention your brand in their content, but without a link, it is called an unlinked brand mention. Well, this can be an opportunity to get quality backlinks.

How to? Try sending an email as a thank you for mentioning your brand. Then, give suggestions to add a link to your site.

Those are some ways to get quality do-follow backlinks for websites that you can try.

I hope you understand how to get free dofollow backlinks from website.

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