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Best WordPress blog hosting. Hi guys in this article, I will talk about the best WordPress hosting for bloggers.

So guys if you are confused about choosing the best web hosting for a WordPress blog so don’t worry about this article, I cover all your queries about choosing the best hosting for your blog.

After reading this article, you are capable of choosing your hosting for your WordPress blog.

Note: If you purchase hosting using my link so I earn a small amount of affiliate money.

What is WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is where you store the files that make up your website. Files include media and content. Hosting services are also called rental servers.

Without hosting, you can’t open your website to users. I will explain the specific reasons along with the necessity of hosting.

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Need for hosting

When a user accesses a website, a request to “view the website” is sent. It’s the hosting that receives the request, not the publisher.

Hosting makes the files it stores publicly available in response to user requests. It can be said that the site operator only stores information on the hosting for the purpose of making it public to users.

The following flow allows users to browse the website.

  1. Operator creates website
  2. Save files to hosting
  3. The user sends a request to browse the website
  4. Hosting Responds and Website Publishing

Types of WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting can be categorized into three.

  1. shared hosting
  2. VPS
  3. managed hosting

Each has different uses. Check out the specific differences below.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is using the same hosting with multiple users. It can be used cheaply for about a few thousand yen per month.

The feature is that it is easy to handle even if you do not have knowledge such as programming. On the other hand, shared hosting has the disadvantage of being easily influenced by users other than yourself.

For example, when access is concentrated on other sites and hosting is down. The movement of the whole shared hosting becomes sluggish, and there is a possibility that the company’s site cannot be browsed.

However, there are very few cases where errors and glitches occur with shared hosting. This is because the hoster distributes the hatching well.

It can be said that you can run a site stably enough even with shared hosting.


VPS is a hosting called Virtual Private Server. Although it is shared by multiple users like shared hosting, it is characterized by being able to handle it in the same way as a dedicated server.

A dedicated server is your own hosting. Unlike shared hosting, it is rarely affected by other sites.

However, in order to use VPS, specialized knowledge such as programming is required. If you don’t have any development experience, it’s safer to use shared hosting.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting has advanced security and high-performance specs. Hosting for large corporate sites and e-commerce sites.

On the other hand, the usage fee is a huge cost, such as hundreds of thousands of yen per month. The downside is that the maintenance cost is higher than the performance.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting

Here are three benefits of WordPress hosting.

  1. be a security measure
  2. SEO measures are possible
  3. take a backup of the data

The role of hosting is not just to publish your website to your users. It plays an important role in protecting your site and making it more visible to users.

I will explain each in detail.

Be A Security Measure

Just by introducing WordPress hosting, you can take security measures for your site. This is because the following measures can be set in the hosting.

  1. WAF: Prevent Malicious Attacks
  2. IDS/IPS: Intrusion detection
  3. IP address restriction: block unauthorized access

WordPress has vulnerabilities. A vulnerability is a programming flaw or bug. It’s impossible to build a program without bugs, so security measures must be taken.

You can implement security measures without programming knowledge by using the functions provided by the hosting.

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SEO Measures Are Possible

With WordPress hosting, SEO is possible. SEO stands for “Google Search Engine Optimization”. The higher your SEO rating, the higher your chances of appearing higher in Google search results.

SEO measures that make a difference in hosting are display speed and stability.

The speed of your site will depend on the web server you use for hosting. A web server is a program that displays files in response to requests sent by users. If the display speed is fast, it will not stress the user.

Some hosts have frequent glitches. If there is an error in the hosting itself, your site may not appear on the web.

The point of SEO measures is to choose a hosting with high display speed and high stability.

Take A Backup Of The Data

WordPress hosting comes with a data backup feature. It’s important to make regular backups in case your data is lost or tampered with.

You can easily back up from the hosting management screen. Some hostings have automatic backups.

Which hosting is best for WordPress beginners?

Look if you are a beginner so you can choose shared hosting because shared hosting is cheap price and better for your blog.

You can easily make your blog on shared hosting without any problem. Because shared hosting is for small and medium sites.

Now your query is ok I choose shared hosting but which hosting I can choose I recommend you choose Bluehost or Hostinger shared hosting.

Because both hosting is the best and most affordable price and all your blog need like domain, SSL, CDN, and a lot of things are free of cost. You just pay the hosting price.

Best WordPress Blog Hosting For Bloggers

Now the main point is which hosting is best for all bloggers I recommend you completely read this post.

1. Blue Host

Many established bloggers have recommended Bluehost, and it’s probably the most popular choice for most beginners. It’s also one of the top hosts with the seal of approval from WordPress.

Bluehost is slightly cheaper than Siteground and offers a free domain upon signup, but its features aren’t as impressive.

However, if you don’t need a lot of tech support and want an affordable hosting option, Bluehost is a good choice.

You can host a WordPress website for $3.95/month on a shared hosting plan, or get a WPPro plan managed to host WordPress for $19.95/month.

Use Bluehost if you prefer.

  1. most affordable
  2. free domain
  3. free SSL
  4. Paid advertising credits for marketing
  5. 24/7 in-house customer support

Get started with Bluehost

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is the best platform for new beginners because hostinger provide a lot of thing at affordable price.

If you have any kind of problem with hosting or a WordPress blog so you can contact the hosting provider they will fix the issue in minutes.

Use Hostinger if you prefer.

  1. most affordable
  2. free domain
  3. free SSL
  4. Paid advertising credits for marketing
  5. 24/7 in-house customer support

Get started with Hostinger

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When choosing the best WordPress web host, having all the features doesn’t matter, especially when you’re just starting out. But you also need to make sure your website is fast, secure, and easy to manage.

All things considered, I recommend Hostinger for beginners and BlueHost for bigger websites as it offers the best service for the price.

Fast customer support makes it beginner-friendly.

The best thing about BlueHost is its modern, fast web hosting infrastructure that allows them to provide its customers with excellent web hosting.

I hope you understand the best WordPress blog hosting.

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