6 Best Free Blogging Sites to Make Money

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Hey, guys in this article, I will tell you the 6 best free blogging sites to make money.

Whether you are a blogger or want to start your own blog, this post is for you to learn more about the different blogs that offer platforms to create a blog for you.

Social media makes headlines for any reason, it is considered the best time for bloggers, even for those who started their blogs years ago.

So with that in mind, setting up blogs on a vast platform would be a wise decision if you really want to make good money blogging without worrying about the little things.

I’ve compiled a list of websites that provide beginner blogging platforms. However, if you are already a blogger, you must be aware of many of these blogging sites that I am going to mention below.

However, I’ve tried to add some pointers to existing bloggers’ knowledge in case they want to start another one. So let me know if you really find anything helpful in this post.

You know, it will motivate me !!!

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1) Blogger.com

Best Free Blogging Sites to Make Money

If you are looking for a free and reliable platform, Blogger is often considered the best. You just need a Gmail account to start your blog.

With great layouts and backgrounds, this platform often turns out to be easy for new bloggers who start a hobby blog.

With an extensive editor, you can add posts, images and format them. We often hear people start the blog journey with Blogger.com. As a result, there is no shortage of functionality.

However, the limitation on this site is that you do not have your own domain name and therefore you have no control over your site name.


  • Easy to use
  • After users have fabricated their domain name, usually Blogger offers a custom name option as well. It is one of the best elements available and makes users choose it over others.
  • A domain name change is quite reasonable, it costs about $ 10 per year. So, if you are thinking of buying a domain name, take a look at blogger to get more.
  • There is also an option here where you can select the Whols Directory. Well, this is a private registration that is used to simply protect users’ personal information from prying eyes.
  • It’s a free blog hosting platform that’s pretty easy and straightforward to host.
  • It also allows users to easily share the server and its content with other blogs.
  • To encourage users, it offers 1GB of free storage space for images. Thus, you no longer need to worry about storing images.


  • The customization options available on Blogger are boring and the layout feels dated compared to other recent platforms.
  • The Blogger hosting platform also has several limitations, which makes it inconvenient for users to use it.
  • People face a lot of the complexities of limiting the size of a home page. If you post a large image, the page size limitation will be lifted, which is not a good sign for users.

2) WordPress

Best Free Blogging Sites to Make Money

The most used and favorite content management system is WordPress. Popular with all bloggers, WordPress is considered the father of blogging.

The platform, with over 45 million downloads, is renowned for its community of creatives who have developed thousands of customizations that allow WordPress users to add plugins and enhancements to their blogs.


  • Just one word – “individualization” at its best.
  • WordPress offers a variety of domain and hosting options to help users conveniently save money.
  • You can also buy a domain only by registering a private domain.
  • It is an open source technology, which means that hundreds of thousands of people could contribute to its development.
  • The control panel is a little complicated, but due to its many features, it makes people use it longer than others.
  • Security and maintenance releases are updated daily to help users feel secure with WordPress.
  • You can conveniently install both premium and free themes from WordPress and make your site innovative.
  • WordPress has over 30,000+ themes. If you are looking for one, spend some money and use it systematically.


  • The wide range of customization options and the use of plugins can intimidate bloggers who lack experience. This is mainly for those looking to create money-making blogs or for companies. For those who use it for hobbies, this can be difficult.
  • There have been some issues noted with adding ads to your blog. Most importantly, if you can’t advertise on your blog, then with WordPress it is a waste of time and money.
  • WordPress does not allow users to add many plugins to blogs. Thus, it is advisable not to fall into the trap and not face difficulties when installing several types of plugins.
  • The security code is split into multiple files, making it difficult for beginners to find.

3) Tumblr

Best Free Blogging Sites to Make Money

Tumblr brings together a huge community of users such as Facebook and Twitter. It is often seen as a social media site rather than a blogging platform.

Users usually focus on other blogs, get likes for their posts, and follow other blogs.

So for anyone looking for a social dimension rather than just blogging, this might be a good option.

However, whatever your concern, there is no shortage of pre-designed themes with limited customization on this platform.

Pros: Great if you’re looking for a simple and quick platform to get started and can try your hand at blogging without spending a dime.

At the same time, it is a wonderful social network that even provides custom domain names.

Cons: This isn’t for you if you’re looking for complete customization and intense and deep blogging.

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4) Quora

Best Free Blogging Sites to Make Money

Are you wondering how I list the popular Q&A site on my list of blogging platforms? That’s right, Quora added this feature for users to add blogs in 2012.

Because it is a great platform for sharing knowledge and ideas, it has opened up the opportunity for users to share wisdom and tell stories on useful topics.

However, Quora is about communicating knowledge and is better served as a platform for knowledge than your web page.

Pros: Huge community of people with the same interests.

Cons: The information you share is not personalization or possessive. It might be best used as a supplementary blog.

5) Medium

Best Free Blogging Sites to Make Money

Medium is another platform created by the founders of Twitter, Ev Williams, and Biz Stone. Integrating well with Twitter, it’s cool enough for anyone looking for a crude and not-so-interesting platform.

In other words, this is for those looking to blog socially.

Pros: Blogging option if you want to showcase your posts to a huge audience.

Cons: This platform is better suited for those who need an additional blog due to some content discovery issues and lack of content discovery capability.

6) Wix

Best Free Blogging Sites to Make Money

Want to make a website effortlessly? Then, with a minimum of effort and maximum creativity, you can build a website using Wix.com.

It is a leading and growing group of user interface website building services – these are the most special features.

It has excellent features such as online asset storage, beautiful backdrop videos, title animations, and mobile apps.

It provides a free account with gallery widgets for any third party for your site. Website builder of the editor’s choice.

The only thing Wix needs to get started is an email address. A website with a custom URL and no promotions for Wix.com.

This is a special favorite part because the online store needs to be upgraded to a paid account.

These range from a $ 5 / month Connect Domain account that lets you use the site address you already have with a $ 25 / month VIP plan that includes a shopping cart, 20GB storage, domain name, unlimited bandwidth faculty, professional site review, and priority support.

Pros: You can create a business website in 1 hour, it’s so fast and easy. You just need to drag and drop to create a website.

You can become a member of such a large community. It is one of the largest online stores with basic functionality for building your website.

Cons: The disadvantages include the limited number of plugins and design options in the ready-made themes.


We hope you enjoyed our blog on the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a free blogging platform.

We know that many blog posts you come across may take the side of using a free blogging platform, but don’t be fooled!

There are a lot of downsides to using one that you may not be aware of, like the limited control you have over your content.

This is why we recommended doing more research to find a self-hosted blogging platform that caters to your needs.

I hope you find out Best Free Blogging Sites to Make Money.

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