How to Become a Fashion Blogger on Instagram-8 Tips For Fashion Bloggers For Free

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Hey, guys, many bloggers become a fashion bloggers, if you want to become a fashion blogger on Instagram so you come right place.

Of course, blogging has a lot of potentials, and a lot of people want to become a fashion bloggers on Instagram but don’t know how to become a fashion blogger on Instagram.

Fashion bloggers make a lot of money in several ways. So here I will detail explain to you how to become a fashion blogger on Instagram.

The number of fashion blogs on the Instagram network is growing inexorably, and so are the questions of novice bloggers about how to become a fashion blogger, to make blogging your favorite job, to get an advertising contract with a well-known brand, to get profitable contacts.

See who sits in the front rows at haute couture shows? Fashion bloggers! They have millions of followers in Stories who can watch the show live.

Of course, to reach such a level in the blogosphere, you need to stock up on diligence and imagination. In this article, we will tell you how to blog about fashion so that it gains popularity, who fashion bloggers are, and how to become a fashion blogger.

What is a Fashion Blogger?

The vacancy of a fashion blogger, as well as their duties, every successful girl (or guy) in this area creates and invents herself. 

The most popular platforms for posting fashion blogs are Youtube and Instagram, with a rapidly growing preponderance towards the latter. 

Theoretically, such a blogger can post materials on his own website, or maintain a section on the website of a fashion publication, but most often we are talking about vlogs on YouTube or Instagram profiles, or combining work on several sites.

What do fashion bloggers do?

Bloggers connect brand makers with those who want to look good and stay on top of trends. They write articles about style, show successful combinations in clothes, cover new items and fashion trends. 

In order to stay on the wave themselves, bloggers go to shows and parties, communicate with stars, collaborate with designers and photographers.

A blog is a kind of media, but if a whole team of specialists is working on a magazine or media portal, then here you have to combine several professions at once:

  • stylist – has good taste, knows how to find unusual combinations, can give advice on choosing a wardrobe;
  • journalist – writes reviews, articles, reports, entertaining posts;
  • model – knows how to show herself profitably, knows how to work in front of the camera;
  • photographer – if necessary, he will make a calculation for the frame and retouch the picture;
  • PR manager – communicates with brand owners, colleagues, subscribers;
  • producer – promotes his blog.

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How much and what do fashion bloggers earn

Zoe Sugg writes novels, produces cosmetics and home accessories under her own name, maintains a blog and a YouTube channel. According to her tax report, she earns an average of $70000 per month, which is just over 4 million rubles. Spear estimates Zoella’s net annual income at $3395862.

The income of a fashion blogger is directly related to his popularity and the degree of trust of his followers. Earnings bring:

  • affiliate marketing – brand commission for attracted customers;
  • sponsored posts – recommendations of certain brands for a fee;
  • advertising – banner or embedded in a video blog;
  • individual style consultations;
  • paid courses and marathons;
  • author’s books or collections of articles;
  • products under your own name.

To monetize a blog, you need at least 10 thousand subscribers – active, loyal and close to you in spirit. Sponsored posts start at $100. If you have crossed the mark of 1 million subscribers, then you can count on a fee of up to 25 thousand dollars per post. The highest-paid bloggers make $1–3 million a year (Blog in Grace, 2017).

But do not think that this is easy money – the competition is very high, and behind beautiful pictures, there are hours of hard work, preparation, and education.

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How to Become a Fashion Blogger on Instagram

If you want to become a fashion blogger on Instagram so completely read this article:

How to Become a Fashion Blogger on Instagram


Even in such a direction as fashion and style, there are their own directions and niches, and therefore subtopics for different tastes that may be of interest, for example, to young girls or businesswomen, representatives of fashion professions, and related brands.

Think about who will read you, order advertising on your blog. Moms on maternity leave are unlikely to be interested in business suits, and teenagers will find selected bows from a “heavy” suite.

Before becoming a blogger on Instagram, focus on those who could share your position, who are interested in the same questions as you. And then you will be quickly noticed and found by those who will be truly interested in you!


The content of your blog is paramount! A clear, interesting photo with a stylish image plus unique text should attract subscribers to follow your publications, make them write a comment, or recommend to subscribe to their friends.

It is worth attracting a professional, possibly a beginner photographer, taking a storytelling course, writing a proposal for cooperation with young, developing brands to provide clothes for photosets.

Many are wondering how to become a successful fashion blogger, and some spend fabulous budgets on promoting their account, forgetting about the “purity” of the content.

Serious advertisers, popular brands are unlikely to be interested in bloggers participating in Insta squabbles and scandals. Believe me, self-respecting partners spend a lot of time learning


Before you start a fashion blog on Instagram, think about what will be its uniqueness, different from the rest. Do not copy famous fashion bloggers be inspired by their examples and images, success stories.

Create your own unique style, do not be afraid to experiment – as Giovanna Batalla did in her time, who masterfully combines bright colors, catchy prints brilliantly wears leopard as if it were a familiar uniform, but does not look strange or vulgar.

Think of how to become a style icon for your subscribers. Fashion is partly an expression of personality, feel free to show taste, creativity, revealing your personality.


Another important task before becoming a fashion blogger is to come up with a unique name, taking into account the search terms for which you can be found.

This also applies to hashtags that appear in publications. The more popular the name or hashtag, the more competitive blogs the reader will get in the search results more than a million.

The search results for more recent titles will range from 10,000 to one million. Fill out your profile information responsibly and creatively.

It should attract potential subscribers, not be boring and ordinary! After all, a fashion blogger is a creative person! Tell us briefly and succinctly about yourself, form a ribbon of photos made in the same style and processing.


Fashion blogs on Instagram continue to grow, but, unfortunately, there are only a few really cool blogs. Many fashion bloggers sin by artificially increasing the number of subscribers.

In this regard, Instagram is developing and improving its methods to combat this phenomenon, and advertisers and brands are increasingly choosing opinion leaders – micro-influencers who have from 1,000 to 100-200 thousand subscribers.

Agree, it inspires you to work on high-quality content, analytics analysis, interaction with the audience, and so on. At the same time, it is not at all forbidden to invest in advertising your blog, hold contests and giveaways.

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Pros and cons of being a fashion blogger


  • An interesting creative profession.
  • Work for yourself, in a freelance format, without the need to adapt to the requirements of numerous managers.
  • The need to take care of yourself, the ability to have a large wardrobe, use a variety of cosmetics.
  • Popularity and prestige.


  • The need to gain a large number of subscribers in order to start making good money.
  • The need to post regularly.
  • Absence of true business (despite the fact that assuming you wish, you can apply for a singular business visionary or independent work).
  • Publicity of private life.

Important Personal Qualities

Naturally, in order to become a successful fashion blogger, you need to be well versed in fashion, have a subtle feel for current trends, have exquisite taste, masterfully be able to use cosmetics – in a word, you really need to understand the fashion industry. 

Also, communication skills, charisma, stress resistance, the ability to restrainedly respond to criticism will not hurt (perhaps there is not a single famous blogger who would not have haters). 

Certain analytical abilities are also important (for planning and processing materials), time management skills, the ability to organize one’s work even in the absence of a clear work schedule.

Career growth

A fashion blogger must constantly keep up with new trends and deepen his knowledge in order to become more and more an expert and provide subscribers with truly interesting content. Conditional “career growth” in this area is to improve the quality of publications and expand the audience.

Professional knowledge

  1. History of fashion, state of the modern fashion industry, current trends.
  2. The structure of the fashion market.
  3. Psychology of information perception in visual form.
  4. Materials Science.
  5. Color science.
  6. Consumer psychology.
  7. Fundamentals of advertising and

Features of the profession

The main distinguishing feature of this profession is that, theoretically, it does not require education, but in practice, a fashion blogger must have a large amount of knowledge and skills. 

For example, he needs to be able to use modern photo and video equipment, software for editing and processing video and photos. In the case of posting vlogs, good diction is important, while writing articles – literacy and the ability to interest the reader. 

And, of course, to successfully monetize a blog, you need to more or less understand advertising and promotion (or have enough money to pay for services, for example, SMM managers).

You can tell/show in your fashion blog the following:

  • Rules for creating effective images.
  • Reviews of new products in the field of fashion, unpacking parcels with clothes / cosmetics / accessories and the like.
  • Makeup tips.
  • Tips for manicure, pedicure, skin and hair care.
  • Ways to create beautiful hairstyles, hair coloring.
  • Surveys of your closet, taking a stab at things, exhibiting intriguing pictures.
  • Reviews of new products related to the fashion industry (for example, lamps for gel polish, photoepilators, false eyelashes, etc.).
  • And much more.

In essence, a fashion blogger is limited in his videos/posts to only the topic of fashion, which is extremely broad. 

What to show within the framework of this topic is everyone’s personal choice. Interesting ideas and non-standard presentations can always become an additional tool to attract subscribers.

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Earning on your blog

Fashion blogs (and blogs in general) are all the rage right now. But not every blogger who talks about his style or shares cooking recipes becomes popular.

It is known that social networks allow you to earn good money by advertising someone’s product, and for owners of large public networks, this is a serious business with a turnover of 30,000,000 rubles a year. But now we are talking about bloggers with over 50,000 subscribers on any of the social networks: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, In contact with, Twitter, and so on.

The most popular question among beginner bloggers is: “How much will I earn blogging?”. The profit of your blog will directly depend on the number of subscribers. The more famous the blog, the more income it will bring to its author.

How to make money from fashion blogging?

Money from advertising
If your blog has a lot of readers, you will be contacted by advertisers who will pay for the placement of their banners, videos, and posts on the blog pages. But do not chase easy money by publishing completely flawed ads that can harm your subscribers.

Money from personal consultations
Use your blog to advertise yourself as a personal shopper, stylist, or image-maker. Your readers want to be like you. They see that you are well versed in fashion and style, so they will gladly turn to you for your services in real life.

Money from the sales of their beauty box
This is what the popular beauty blogger Maria Wei did. In her experience, there are already three such sets. She created two of them herself, and the last one together with the European brand of decorative cosmetics INGLOT.

The set “Maria Way box by INGLOT” includes Matte lipstick No. 408 or No. 425; Cream base tonal YSM No. 41 or No. 49; Mascara lengthening and curling; Eyebrow pencil No. 506. Four products with which you can make a full-fledged image.

If you become a respected fashion blogger, you may get commissions to create an image, you will act as a fashion expert, and glossy magazines may offer to write a paid article in a fashion magazine. Impressive, right? But even this is not the ultimate dream.

Before you start earning, you need to become popular! Let’s look at all the main components of success.

Quality photos 

Everyone, even a novice fashion blogger, should have high-quality photos. It is desirable that the pictures were taken in different locations, at different times, with different hairstyles and indifferent looks (looks).

If you don’t have money for a professional, then try to find a novice photographer who will take high-quality pictures for you, in exchange for mentioning in all the materials where the photographs taken by him are used.

There are a lot of such photographers and among them, there are often nuggets who need to collect a portfolio. How to contact a photographer in order to interest him? In the last step, we have already received consent and things from the brand, now this is our trump card in the search for a photographer.

Message example:
“Hi, I am a beginner fashion blogger, I have a contract to shoot a lookbook for the St. Petersburg brand “Anteater Clothing”. At the moment I am looking for a photographer on TFP terms.

Lookbook will be published on my blog ), as well as on social networks and on the “Anteater Clothing” website, the description will necessarily indicate the photographer with a direct link to him. You get not only a portfolio for yourself but also PR.” 

A model release must be signed so that the photographer can use the shots for a portfolio or for commercial purposes. The number of photos, their size, license terms, duration of shooting – all this is discussed before shooting. 

The model receives only retouched, finished photographs, usually no more than 20 of them. All “raw” source material remains the property of the photographer. Therefore, look through the portfolios of novice photographers very carefully so that you don’t end up with a vomit mass.

Who are your readers?

If you decide to become a fashion blogger, then you need to find out who will read your blog. To do this, we need to build a portrait of the audience that reads other fashion and style blogs.

A portrait of the audience of Instagram and In contact with will help to create a Segmento Target service. Built-in analytics will show in the form of a graph the gender, age, and location of the reader. The SimilarWeb service will help you understand which target sites and social networks give traffic to sites. Once you know your audience, it will be easier for you to tailor your content to them.

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Come up with a catchy and concise name 

First of all, come up with a simple and catchy name that conveys the main meaning of the blog. And it doesn’t matter at all what it will be, a website or an Instagram account. A person needs 2 seconds to form an opinion about an account (page, site) and, oddly enough, the first of all look at the name.

Do not use popular words – cliches fashion and style, do not put more than one underscore, otherwise, it will be more difficult to find you, because the underscores merge into one line and it is no longer clear whether there are two, four, or six underscores in the author’s nickname. 

Try not to use numbers in nicknames and site names if they do not carry any semantic meanings. Often authors use this trick to get their favorite nickname, but it’s not cool. Look for originals.


We know that many people are looking to become fashion bloggers on Instagram but have never done it before.

This is a great place to start and we hope that this blog post has given you a few pointers that will help you make your Instagram success.

What other steps do you think will be necessary to build a successful brand on Instagram? Please let us know by leaving a comment! We would love to hear from you.

If you would like to find out more about how to build a successful Instagram account, you can visit our website at.

Thank you for reading, we’re always excited when our posts are able to provide information about a topic like this!

I hope you understand how to become a fashion blogger on Instagram.

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